The Hills Have Weeks

Fox Atomic's Carnival of Lost Souls invite (click to see it full size!)Two o’clock has rolled on in, and there are only a few more hours to go until kids are knocking at your door or spraying the car with silly string. I love Halloween! I also enjoy sitting out in the bushes with my BB gun and popping some of those little jerks in the head when they attempt to TP my home.

Since it is a new hour, that means Fox Atomic has new things to make our eyes burst with orgasmic delight! The last The Hills Have Eyes photo they showed off tempted us with military violence and possible mutant massacre. This new picture let’s us all know that the troops mean business. They’ve got a camp set up in the desert so this mission into the hills isn’t just a quicky. Perhaps there were more mutants than we originally thought?

Don’t think I would leave you all teased up without delivering some 28 Weeks Later loving. After viewing this image, I have started to wonder how smart scientists and army people really are. If you were up against a mob of rage-pumped zombies who can transmit the virus via blood, wouldn’t you maybe want to wear some sort of armor? You’re in England! There is plenty of medieval safety gear everywhere! I know; I’ve been there!

Kryten Syxx

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