Chaos on the Set of Craven’s 25/8

Why these weren’t pointed out before is beyond me, but this is better late than never.

Last month a Connecticut resident filmed a couple of the action scenes from Wes Craven’s newest horror entry 25/8. One clip features an ambulance taking a tumble while the other one shows the emergency vehicle in a blaze of fucking awesome!

25/8 follows a group of kids who are being stalked by what they believe could be a resurrected serial killer who “died” on the date each of them were born. Or it could be someone possessed by a malicious spirit!


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Kryten Syxx


  1. The plot synopsis gave me a big “Identity” flashback. Craven might have a good movie left in him, too early to tell if it’s this one.

  2. What’s the major difference between this and the “Final Destination” and “I Know What You Did…” films? This doesn’t sound like anything original nor something I would rush out and see – even if it has flaming ambulances in it!

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