Top 9 Sinister Chefs Serve Up the Scares!

Colonel Ives- Ravenous
One of the most memorable, and unfortunately underrated, cannibal films out there, Ravenous, features Robert Carlyle as F.W. Colqhoun, who becomes Colonel Ives, and Ives definitely cooks himself a mean bowl of stew. Of course the film is based on cannibalism and the wendigo legend with the men receiving incredible power when consuming the flesh of another… and Ives knows how to cook himself some people. Carlyle is so perfect in this dark, dark, dark comedy film. He goes from a nearly feral man to sophisticated military officer with ease, showing just how great he is. But fyi, he does cry when he cuts onions. We felt the short video posted below that we found illustrates the tone and the… ahem… flavor of the film perfectly.

Freddy Krueger- A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child
As if giving us the line "Bon appétit, bitch!" isn't enough, Chef Freddy Krueger delivers one of the most memorable Elm Street kills ever when he appears in A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. Freddy arrives, in one of his frolicy, fun-time moods, dressed as a chef and grabs pretty, young Greta. Instead of just giving her the ol' razor fingers treatment, Freddy decides to force-feed her to death, stuffing her own innards into Greta's face, expanding her cheeks and stomach. She then appears to be choking in her non-dream life. Then somehow she momentarily ends up inside a refrigerator door and then chokes to death in front of her family. Pretty clever, Freddy. Talk about your "Kitchen Nightmares." Sorry, another Gordon Ramsey reference. Had to be done.

There you have the Top 9 Sinister Chefs. Be sure to check out Serving Up Richard!

Meet Glory and Everett Hutchins…maybe you’ve already met them. They live in a neighborhood very much like yours, except they have a little secret. Everett (Jude Ciccolella) and Glory (Susan Priver) are active cannibals. Not exactly a Main Street practice today. And their lifestyle presents some practical challenges: like how do you get those necessary provisions?

Meet Richard Reubens…perhaps you’ve met him, too. A mid-level Wall Street investment specialist, Richard (Ross McCall) was transferred to the LA offices under some murky circumstances. In LA everyone needs a car. When Richard answers an ad selling a vintage Mustang, he unwittingly winds up Glory and Everett’s captive in their secret room, in their nice house, in the neighborhood that looks like your neighborhood. And Richard is fated to be the next addition to their unorthodox menu. However...Richard is not a silent lamb about to be led willingly to his own slaughter.

Perceiving Glory as the "weak link," Richard uses all his Wall Street persuasiveness to break her – creating twists and turns that expose surprising personality traits in Glory which constantly thwart his plans and keep us guessing how it all will end.

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