Ted V. Mikels’ Demons Prepare to Haunt

Demon HauntThe ever reliable Avery Guerra tipped me off that eccentric Z-grade filmmaker Ted V. Mikels (The Corpse Grinders, The Astro-Zombies, The Girl with Gold Boots) has a new fright flick coming down the pike called Demon Haunt.

Here’s the synopsis courtesy of Ted V. Mikels’ personal website.

Evil entities have occupied a residence newly acquired by a lovely school teacher and her handicapped younger sister, to wreak havoc and terror, and bring bloodshed to any who may occupy the dwelling. Called upon to cleanse the home of the demonic entities is Raymond LeCleur, an expert in the use of ESP and the paranormal, who is extremely reluctant to come out of self-imposed retirement to aid the women, but feels compelled to battle the demons on their behalf. With the assistance of his estranged father, now a priest, Raymond battles fiercely for his own life in the cleansing.

A trailer for Mikel’s latest low budget opus and though chock full of low rent computer animation, there’s just something admirable about its cheapness. It certainly looks more ambitious than a lot of the low budget junk that comes along these days. Give the trailer a look. If nothing else, watching the trailer for Demon Haunt will be the most gleefully cheesy two-minutes of your day.

Mikels’ website also reports a third installment of The Astro-Zombies is in the planning stages.

The Foywonder

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Mike Phalin

Mike Phalin is a contributing writer, reality television star and engineer.

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  • Blockbuster

    Exactly. We are ALL eccentric here. We’re horror fans for God’s sake. We shy away from the norm to live and breathe the dark side. I love the fact that I’m weird. I’m eccentric. When did eccentric become a four-letter word?

  • Kryten Syxx

    Did you also miss Foy’s comment giving it a positive spin? “It certainly looks more ambitious than a lot of the low budget junk that comes along these days.”

    And what is wrong with being labeled as an eccentric, Z-Grade filmmaker? Lloyd Kaufman has been getting by pretty well on that for a few decades.

  • Blockbuster

    And again with the indignant, snide personal attacks. Look, if you have an issue with something like this, post about the article. Not about the person posting it. Seriously. We respect opinions on this site as much as anything else, and several of the people on this site review movies that they know the people personally, and provide objective reviews of the movies based on their own personal opinions. They may trash the movie (see the review and comments for Witchcraft 13) or they may praise it, simply because it’s pretty good. Obviously, the people who make those sacrifices to make the movies CHOOSE to do so, and the good people on this site CHOOSE to write about said movies, among other things horror related. Spending the long hours making movies is a choice, just like writing about them. We do appreciate the many hours that people put into making the movies that we enjoy so much. No one on here is trying to personally attack the directors/producers/cast/crew of the movies or authors of books, etc. They simply write about the movies. The people who frequent this site, myself included, read the site because it is rather witty (at times) and informative, not to mention the fact that we are all kind of like family around here. I’ve been here since day 1 with most of these guys (and before back at another place that I will not mention). So with all that being said, I politely ask you to refrain from the personal attacks on the writers. Thank you very much.

    • Makku.Arts

      Calling Mr. Mikels an eccentric Z-grade filmmaker IS a personal attack. There is no gray area there. He is my friend, and I will defend him with every bit of passion you’ve used to defend the writers here.

      With regard to Demon Haunt and the “review”:
      If you write about the films, then fine. As stated before, I respect the right of any individual to write a comment on a film they’ve seen. In this case, I know for a fact that NO one has seen Demon Haunt, because it is NOT out yet. BTW, mentioning these details IS commenting on the article.

      It’s great to know there is a level of family atmosphere here. It is no different on any set I’ve worked on.

      That being said, thanks for your comment, and expect people to speak their minds with every ounce of energy you’ve exerted here.

      • Foywonder

        Wow! What a tirade! I had no idea this article had caused such a stir especially since I wasn’t even aware I’d written a negative article.

        First of all, are you angry because I said the computer animation in the trailer looks very cheap? That’s not a “review”; that’s a statement of the obvious. Saying it looks “cheesy”, alright, that’s a matter of opinion and one I think most people that watch the trailer would not dispute. And as I reminder since you seem to be really hung up on this point, this was not me reviewing a film I hadn’t seen. THESE WERE MY THOUGHTS ON THE TRAILER… THE TRAILER FOR A MOVIE I ALSO USED THE WORDS “ADMIRABLE” AND “AMBITIOUS” TO DESCRIBE!

        Did you consciously ignore that last part when you were typing out your sanctimonious screed about what a jerk I am and how I’m trying to doom the movie.

        I was actually interested in seeing DEMON HAUNT based on what I saw. Now, not so much. Heaven forbid I end up not liking the movie, write a negative review, and then get greeted with another long-winded rant about eating Ramen noodles and being a big meanie dashing the dreams of the little guy. Then again, given how you’ve grossly overreacted to this article, I could watch the movie, like it, try to tell highly skeptical readers to give it a chance (which is what I was trying to do with this article in the first place), and still potentially face your wrath because you don’t like how I worded certain things.

        Now as to this asinine notion that I owe Mr. Mikels an apology for personally insulting him, I don’t know Mr. Mikels like you so obviously do but I did see that episode of “The Incredibly Strange Film Show” and I hate to break it to you but he did come off a tad eccentric. You may disagree, so be it. But to flip out the way you have as if the word “eccentric” is some sort of personal insult is ludicrous. Heck, I’ve described myself as eccentric. It never crossed my mind that “eccentric” was an insult.

        And as for freaking out over my describing Mikels as a “z-grade filmmaker”, I really hate to be the one to break this to you…


        If I were you I wouldn’t click on that link because if you do you’re going to be spending a few 16-hour days posting a whole lot more rants like the one you did here.

  • Makku.Arts

    The Foywonder –

    Wow. How unfortunate, and this site showed such great promise, at first.

    You and others have made your opinions known, and now I will do the same.

    I really don’t think it is either fair or reasonable to:

    1. Call Mr. Mikels eccentric, since he has no idea who “The Foywonder” is, nor has any knowledge that this site even exists, showing me you don’t know the man and are simply flaming him and his work only as a means to provide “in your face” content for this site, and thereby justify the sponsor ads. If you actually knew him, you wouldn’t say such hateful things about him. Of all the filmmakers I know, he is the kindest person ever, with the greatest sense of being in touch with reality than most flame-spouting-film-criticizing-posters alive. He is neither odd, nor daft in any sense of the words, nor does he have an eccentric bone in his body.

    2. Say he is a Z-grade filmmaker with any sense of being an authority on who and what Mr. Mikels and his films are. He’s made or has worked on over 100 films, can you say the same? He’s had a book written about his career and has numerous documentaries done on him, can you say the same? He has people visiting him from all corners of the planet, from west coast to east coast, and from Germany to Australia, just to meet him and experience a person who is obviously dedicated to the craft, can you say the same? Don’t get me wrong. I do recognize your right to have any level of opinion on what you personally feel about his films if you have indeed seen them, but watch all of them before you make such a horrible comment on a person who does all he can to continue to make films under the most difficult of circumstances, and has done so now for over 50 years.

    3. Doom this film based solely on a trailer?!? Demon Haunt has yet to be released. Yet, you have doomed this project for the people who visit this site, before ever having seen it yourself. What is reasonable about that? The folks on this site (admins and visitors alike) all seem to have great minds, with yours included (yes, I looked at many posts here, as well as many articles/reviews). It is disappointing to then read “High School level” flaming on this film project (and others), knowing for a fact that you can’t possibly know what Demon Haunt is about, let alone know to any degree how the film looks or plays out.

    But it is so easy, isn’t it? To sit back, safe and sound behind a computer monitor, miles away, not making films, and criticizing anyone who dares to try it themselves, and all the while holding heads high as if the job could be done better by people who don’t even know the actual definition of what a B-Film is.

    But, that must be the trendy thing, to be like so many, and find investment in the tearing down of another human whose only fault is daring to dream, then do whatever is necessary to pursue that dream.

    Anyone who finds joy in such activity is the disturbed one. Anyone who also fails to stand up and speak on behalf of those dedicated artists are equally guilty of having severe personal problems, with NO exceptions.

    If you only knew how hard many of us work to make these projects. If you only knew the personal sacrifices made, just to be able to fund them. While many others sit back and get ridiculously fat from fast food, beer and the like, we are often having to share bottles of water and Top Raman noodles, just to be able to create the next shot. 16 hour work days, seven days a week, for 15 months or better, and often only being paid the satisfaction of doing the work is not an unusual activity in those dedicated to the craft.

    All this we suffer and more, to simply chase that which we love so dearly, the craft of filmmaking.

    In my own opinion, I believe you owe Mr. Mikels an apology in the same forum you’ve trashed him in…

    • Sirand

      I just put on some violin music and read that whole speech aloud.
      I love Z-grade movie director melodrama!

      “…investment in the tearing down of another human whose only fault is daring to dream”

      I too often dream of pixelated VGA demons attacking bad actors.

      Seriously, that was the most overdramatic response to a (relatively) optimistic write-up. Making movies doesn’t make you special (and this is a fellow filmmaker talking here). The world isn’t your parent’s refrigerator. If you expect everyone to appreciate your art because you’re “daring to dream” then my advice would be to ditch the pre-school “Little Engine That Could” mentality and take your licks like every other filmmaker. Criticism is the only way artists grow. And this guy is gonna need a LOT of that.

    • Tristan Sinns

      Holy crap. Reading this melodrama and then watching the trailer it defends is hilarious. The demonic cartoons look like they were lifted from deleted in game footage from Id’s original DOOM. Foywonder was kind.

      There is nothing wrong with even being an eccentric. Crap, I’m eccentric. We’re all eccentric here. I’m sure I can speak for all of us here when I say we wish Mikel’s well, hope he has great success for his films, and look forward to seeing more from him in the future.


  • arandomthought

    This has me wanting to see it with a slight sense of morbid curiosity.

  • Gus Bjork

    I’m going to suggest a Foycast devoting an hour or two to the art of selling and promoting low low looooooow budget horror/action/fantasy film. Not a how to but rather a why bother? You’re maxing out your credit cards, you’ve pushed the good graces of your friends to the extent they can be pushed, the boss at your day job has put you on final warning for excessive absenteeism and you haven’t slept for more than four hours a day for months….and for what? What makes some of these films stand out? Who’s made a name for themselves (in a good way)? What are the gems in this box of turds and why? You’ve seen a billion of these Foy and I think represent the potential audience of these type of films well.

    I’m guessing being a big pussy isn’t the first rung in climbing the ladder to success.

  • dogbreath

    This looks like it has a bigger budget than all of his other movies combined. Too bad He didn’t just give the money away. this looks like He’s only gotten worse with age.

  • ki11raven

    wow….just wow….