Friday the 13th Set Visit Preview!

Friday teh 13th set visit preview!It’s 5AM in Austin, TX. I haven’t slept in 24 hours and I have a flight to catch at 9AM. I’m tired, my stomach hurts and I’m more than a little loopy right now. But you know what? None of it matters, because I just spent the day on the set of Friday the 13th!

Go with me here; I’ve been watching the F13 series as long as I can remember. I have a vivid recollection of being over at one of my parent’s friends houses who were watching the original and having nightmares for weeks when the young, deformed Jason leaps out of the water to pull down Alice at the end. So to actually be on the set of a Friday the 13th film, to see Jason in action and to hear how happy everyone there is with what they’ve done so far; it’s a pretty big freakin’ deal to be honest.

I’ll admit, I’ve lambasted Platinum Dunes in the past as a remake machine, seemingly leaving no horror property untouched but man, they know what they’re doing with this movie. Andrew Form and Brad Fuller, the producers behind Dunes, have a genuine love for the genre and a strong desire to do this film right. Don’t worry about the pervading sense of doom & gloom that have come with all their other remakes, they went into Friday the 13th knowing that part of what made the original films so great was the fact that they were fun as well as violent, and they’ve wanted to do something fun for a long time.

I wish I could dish out the details we learned while on set, tell you about some of the badass things we watched being filmed, but I just can’t. Yet. As Friday, February 13th, 2009 looms closer, you’ll be hearing more and more about my day in the presence of a new and decidedly improved Jason Voorhees, and the hapless college kids who are his latest victims.

For now, though, let me just say that if Platinum Dunes can accomplish what they have set out to do with this franchise reboot, Friday the 13th fans are going to be very happy, indeed.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Blockbuster

    I rest my case.

  • Blockbuster

    I want to know one guy who DIDN’T have a boner for her in FvsJ. Jason included.

    • Terminal

      Mmm, Monica Keena.

  • Blockbuster

    Ok, so we’re agreed. Monica Keena IS the hottest female to ever battle Jason…or Freddy for that matter…next to Heather Langenkamp. Whoa.

    • Terminal

      I still think Freddy had a boner for her in FvsJ.

  • Uncle Creepy

    What’s more fun than playing with sand and grit?

    I’m sorry, man. I hope they prove me wrong, but my excitement for this project is nil. It’s barely a blip on my radar.

  • Blockbuster

    Ok…I’ll put in my two cents here now. As a collector of all things (that I can afford) Friday the 13th, the series has been my favorite in the genre since I was about 5. I personally thought the TCM remake was pretty fucking awesome…I loved it, and the prequel…shoot me. The Halloween remake, meh. The BLOCKBUSTER version of the Halloween remake (the extended version) I thought was ok…not watch over and over again good…but ok…and I’ll say it now: I **HEART** Freddy Vs. Jason. I think it was the best movie in both series – if you only consider the fact that these are POPCORN flicks. These are not Oscar nominations waiting to happen folks. It’s Friday the 13th for fuck’s sake. You can’t expect gold…I mean, seriously, Jason Goes To Hell? I enjoyed it, but it was kinda along the same lines as Part V…they tried to reboot it…and failed miserably. If they can simply stick to somewhat the same story line, and make Jason kill…and kill and kill and kill…and …you get the point…then they have SUCCEEDED as filmmakers in the Friday the 13th series. Even Jason X had a HUGE body count. I’m not going into this expecting Kane Hodder to be the badass we all know and love, and I’m not expecting this to be Part IV. I am expecting a good time. If they can deliver, then my money will be there…probably three or four times like FvJ.

  • frank_dracman

    Golly Beav, really? The Hitcher? Well I’m honestly glad someone enjoyed it. I sat through it, that’s about all I can say. F13, one the other hand, has always been my favorite horror series. Loved every one, except maybe part 5. I’m staying skeptical with Terminal, but really hoping for a good movie.

    • Terminal

      Same here. If James Bond could go through a reboot, I don’t see why Jason can’t. It’s just… it’s Platinum Dunes! They suck!

      • PelusaMG

        Yes, but as I’ve said before T… give chimps enough time and they will crank out one of Shakespeare’s sonets – and (on the basis of that logic) give Platinum Dunes enough time, and they will (eventually) produce something worthy of their time and effort, as well as our money!

        • Terminal

          Touche, Pelusa. Touche.

          Hehe, monkeys.

    • Beaver

      Yes I actually enjoyed it, as I said I am crazy like that in which I stand films it takes a special film to really piss me off but when it happens its murderous!

      Hell I enjoyed the Halloween remake which got some flack as well lol

  • Beaver

    I enjoyed the tcm remake as well, hopefully its brutal jason too(lol I enjoyed the hitcher remake but thats my special ability to find gold in anything Hell I enjoyed Shutter)

    • Terminal

      Holy crap, I’m so sorry. The TCM movies and The Hitcher were… AWFUL. But hey, to each their own.

  • Johnny Butane

    Well, they laughed at the possibility of it being PG-13… and Terminal, please review your source of information… 😀

    Anyway, I can only report on what I saw, and what I saw pointed to this being a good time. Nothing that’s going to break ground or revolutionize horror, but a fun time at the movies.

    • Terminal

      Oh but of course, but the notion that the aforementioned set visit was almost word for word instantly brought me to that time where they were insisting the set looked fantastic, and Zombie would remold Michael Myers forever.

      Until a trailer breaks through, I’ll keep a healthy skepticism. Everything I’ve seen from Platinum Dunes has been abysmal, and I refuse to believe it will be a good time at the movies just yet.

      But don’t be offended, I don’t usually take set visits seriously at all. What you see on set doesn’t always mean a great translation on screen.

  • Terminal

    Ugh, no disrespect, but I’ve heard all this stuff before.

    “They won’t screw it up.”

    “I was wrong about my concerns.”

    “They know what they’re doing.”

    “The crew have a genuine love for horror movies.”

    “What we saw was quite incredible.”

    “They actually love the character.”

    And months later we see another bad remake from Platinum Dunes.

    Same old song and dance.

    I remember reading almost the same lines for the Halloween remake set visit over at Bloody Disgusting.

    Until I actually see the movie, I’m not buying into the reports.

    • ki11raven

      I kinda have to agree with Terminal,it doesn’t matter how the crew or the director feels about anything. In the end the Producers are going to put out the movie they want to put out, no matter what anyone says. If the producers care about the movie then it will be good, but if all the care about is their money then its going to be another PG-13 piece of crap.

  • What The Cat Dragged In

    Well, I don’t think it’s possible for Platinum Dunes to mess this one up that bad. I enjoy the “Friday the 13th” movies, but I’m not about to call any of them good (outside of the first one, which I think is barely a solid movie). They’re merely fun movies, which is probably what they’re going for here, right, JB?

    They will completely mess up the Freddy remake, though.

  • Rottenjesus

    As long as they’re doing this thing right and making Jason the star of the movie. I’m willing to give this a chance.

    Can’t wait to hear the familiar TCH TCH TCH music and the screams of hapless campers once again!

  • PelusaMG

    I enjoyed the TCM remake (and no, it was not because we got to see Jessica Biel in a wet t-shirt, but that did help), so based on what you are saying here JB the F13 effort should be just as good, if not better…

    … well, one can only hope!