How Did Fear Itself Do for Ratings?

The peacock ain't pleasedVariety reported the sad news today that Fear Itself, the horror anthology we’ve been talking about since last year, didn’t pull the kind of ratings we were really hoping for. The show lost out to CBS’s “Swingtown,” which also premiered on June 5th.

Horror anthology “Fear Itself” didn’t scare many viewers into watching as Peacock execs would’ve hoped, scoring a disappointing 2.0/6, 5.2 million viewers overall. That was on par with last week’s offerings of a “Last Comic Standing” at 10 and a repeat of “The Office” at 10:30.

Before you all declare the show dead, please … please give it a shot if ya missed out on the premiere episode “>”The Sacrifice”.


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Mike Phalin

Mike Phalin is a contributing writer, reality television star and engineer.

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  • ivelnoslo

    Letting the show ‘die’ without even watching it to see the if it’s any good is a really bad idea.

    Refusing to watch the show because you’re afraid it ‘might’ suck is also not a good idea.

    I have it on DVR and will check it out tonight. I love horror TV shows. I will be skipping the commercials and most likely be enjoying the hell out of it.

    • Terminal

      Again, based on precedence, wasting an hour just because it’s horror and it ‘might’ be “good enough”? Nah.

  • G.D.

    Well, according to STYD, “Fear Itself matched NBC’s highest non-sports rating in this time period last summer, while topping all of last summer’s non-sports results in total viewers, despite exceptional competition last night from ABC’s coverage of the Lakers/Celtics NBA Finals.”

    Doesn’t sound like there’s much to complain about when you consider that it’s a horror series, a summer series and has relatively stiff competition from another new series and the NBA Finals.

    Personally, I didn’t love the episode but thought it was an ok start. It was better than any of the second season MoH episodes I saw.

    Also, I love watching people bitch and judge stuff without watching them. I had a shitty screenwriting teacher who constantly did stuff like that. It’s hard to respect someone’s opinion when they judge stuff without even bothering to watch it.

    • Terminal

      It’s tough to take people’s opinion’s seriously when the praise is based around “It’s better than nothing” and admittance of mediocrity. Watching something just because is quite comical in its own right, too.

      Based on the precedence of “Masters of Horror,” I refuse to waste an hour of my life on this.

  • dogbreath

    The show would have been tolorable except fot the commercials every 5 minutes. I understand why they need them, but why waste the time of putting horror or suspense on television if you purposely plan to wreck any suspense you set up? Should have just went to DVD, Because I won’t waste my time watching again until that happens.

  • Morgan Elektra

    The opening was really awful. I liked the MOH opening… Don’t know why they didn’t keep that and just change the flippin’ title.

    I thought the episode was pretty decent. It wasn’t amazing, but I thought it did a good job of building atmosphere, despite it’s predictability. I didn’t mind the minimal amount of gore, either. I thought it worked well for the particular story. It was better than quite a few of the MOH episodes. I’ll be tuning in next week most likely.

  • Kryten Syxx

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

    • Terminal

      Damn kids and their make out parties.

  • Terminal

    Why should we give it a shot? Just to up the ratings on another bad horror show? Nah. Just because it’s a horror show, doesn’t mean I’m going to automatically tune in. Let it die. The original show sucks, and this looks to be the same.

  • Messiahman

    No surprise here. I would imagine many tuned out the moment the unbelievably awful theme song popped up over the extremely cheesy credits. Seriously, that song sounded like a parody of those talentless System of a Down idiots covering Goblin. Pretty much the worst themesong I’ve ever heard. Wow… way to turn off your audience.

    The episode itself was routine and predictable, peppered with bits of headscratchingly lame dialogue (“My name is Lemon, short for Lemuel” – yikes!). The only thing I took away from it is that Rachel Miner is hotter than ever. Though I still prefer seeing her dolled up in dominatrix gear on CALIFORNICATION.