Van Heijningen to Lead Army of the Dead

Matthijs van Heinjningen tapped for ArmySo Zack Snyder was never actually supposed to direct what was supposed to be the zombie opus to end all zombie opuses (?), Army of the Dead; he’s never been anything more than a producer on the film, we learned today, so it’s no surprise that Warner Bros. has filled the chair with another newbie director.

Variety reports that that someone is Matthijs van Heijningen, a commercial director and visual artist who will make his feature film debut on Army. Considering the scope of this project from the way Snyder’s talked about it in the past, Heijningen will have a helluva lot to prove with his first film.

Army of the Dead, simply put, is about a zombie invasion of Las Vegas, focusing on a father who is trying to save his daughter from the shuffling apocalypse. With Snyder busy with his Watchmen adaptation, it’s hard to say just how invovled he will be, but it’s good that this sucker is finally moving forward.

More as we learn it!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Johnny Butane

    World War Z, if done right, will be amazing.

    • Terminal


  • ivelnoslo

    Zack didn’t need to make another zombie movie anyway, not with how well his DOTD remake turned out. And he was a newbie. Hopefully, with being a producer on this one, he can give the new director all the advice he needs on how to handle the film.

    The scale of the film probably isn’t huge, it’s the hype that sounds deceiving. The story idea and hype may give the impression that the film will be huge because it’s the ‘opus to end all zombie opuses’ (?) and it’s set in Vegas, but it’s only one city. An Army of the Dead could be no larger than the ‘invasion’ in any zombie film.

    On the other hand, World War Z sounds like it would be a massive undertaking!

  • The Butcher

    I still need Mr. Snyder to “show me the money” so to speak. 300 was a fucking atrocity. Unless you look at it like it’s a mega-budget gay porn.

    I’ll see this because I’m a mark, but my money is on the eventual adaption of Max Brooks’ WORLD WAR Z to be the zombie film of the new millenium.

    • The Woman In Black

      Gay porn? You’ve got some serious issues there, Butcher! lol 300 was a masterpiece as far as I’m concerned — Zack’s got nothing to prove to me.

      • Terminal

        Gay porn is pure hyperbole.

        homoerotic action movie? Yes.

        • The Woman In Black

          My favorite kind!

  • Spaceshark

    Well, Zack did start out as an MTV guy or whatever right? So maybe this uh, hellsingkrjghsrg guy could do the same!

  • Terminal

    As long as it’s good, I’ll see it.

    • G.D.

      How will you know if it’s good unless you see it?