Two More Visit Little Peacock

Keith Carradine!Remember the film Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde? We need more transgender tales like that, but with maybe a bit more of a mainstream touch.

Variety reports today that Cillian Murphy and Ellen Page will have two new companions in the psychological thriller called Peacock. Joining the cast will be a familiar face to “Dexter” fans: Keith Carradine. He’s not the only TV star to make the cast as Graham Beckel, of “Battlestar Galactica”, was also announced today. Not a bad roundup if you ask me.

Peacock centers around a man (Murphy) who is stricken with dual personalities. While some could deal with this normally, it doesn’t help that his split identities are husband and wife! Peacock, NE is in for one hell of a ride when the schizophrenic’s personalities must square off against each other.


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