Hope Dies & Blood Runs in Depravity

Depravity!OK, we’ve all heard the scenario before. Unlucky people end up at a hellish dwelling inhabited by some psychotic family that have been killing in heinous ways, unchecked and unpunished, for who knows how long. A simple idea that has been done almost as many times as zombies.

But even the most basic of ideas can be things of beauty when done with talent, creativity, and respect for the genre. Well, new director C.M. Downs seems to possess these traits in spades. With a handful of short films under his belt and an undying love for all things horror, Downs is setting out to put a new wrinkle in the stalk/slash/revenge genre with his first feature Depravity.

“One of the things I want to achieve on this film is the slickness of the original Hitcher, but with the gore of a Fulci film like The Gates Of Hell,” Downs told Dread Central. “I mean to have hardcore FX on this film. That’s why I brought FX master Toby Sells to the table. He knows exactly what I’m trying to achieve and we see completely eye to eye on the visual aspect of a horror film. We have 15 pages of FX shots that are all practical. I’m sure Toby and the boys [at Creature Makeup FX] are gonna have their hands full.“

Currently C.M. Downs and crew are shooting the teaser trailer to help secure funding, and have character actor Brett Rickaby (“Carnivale”, “Angel”, Zodiac and the upcoming Malevolance: Bereavement) attached to star. Downs also just returned from a trip to Los Angeles where he talked with a few actresses about taking the co-lead. One name being bandied about is the beautiful Kristina Klebe, who has been racking up numerous scream queen roles as of late like Rob Zombie’s Halloween and the upcoming Escape Of The Living Dead.

Also attached are Candice Afia (from the hit television show “Grey’s Anatomy”) and Kurt Hanover (who previously starred in C.M. Downs’ “The Shunned”). Also, recently Cameron Romero (son of George and director of The Screening) joined the project with producer Corey Peterson. So things are looking bright for C.M. Downs’ bloody opus. Shooting later this year, keep your eyes peeled here for more information on Depravity as it develops!

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