New RoboCop Clip Successfully Kills Off All Kinds of Things

New Chinese RoboCop Poster Speeds InYou really have to sit and marvel at the marketing strategy behind RoboCop because I'm not sure I can recall a campaign as bland and tired as this one. And today's clip should successfully stomp out all remaining hope.

Jose Padilha's film stars Joel Kinnaman as the title hero plus Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, Jay Baruchel, Michael Keaton, Michael Kenneth Williams, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Abbie Cornish, Aimee Garcia, and Jackie Earle Haley.

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In RoboCop the year is 2029, and multinational conglomerate OmniCorp is at the center of robot technology. Their drones are winning American wars around the globe, and now they want to bring this technology to the home front.

Alex Murphy is a loving husband, father, and good cop doing his best to stem the tide of crime and corruption in Detroit. After he is critically injured in the line of duty, OmniCorp utilizes its remarkable science of robotics to save Alex’s life.

He returns to the streets of his beloved city with amazing new abilities but with issues a regular man has never had to face before.

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Terminal's picture

Man, Robocop better hope those robot drones aren't programmed by the villain in the finale to turn against Robocop and battle him in an all out balls to the wall PG-13 war leading to the big boss. That would be bad.

Submitted by Terminal on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 4:35pm.
frank_dracman's picture

Did you get your hands on the script or are just verbalizing what we are all fearing internally? Either way, come back to this post after the movie's out and scream "nailed it!"

I'll go one step further. Robocop will only kill one person in the movie. The big bad at the end. He's RoboCOP, not RoboMURDERER.

And Kefka, haven't seen you around lately. I take it the institution let you out?

Submitted by frank_dracman on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 7:15pm.
NeoKefka's picture

Yes. The institution "let" me out. That's exactly what happened. *casts suspicious glance around the room*

Submitted by NeoKefka on Fri, 01/17/2014 - 11:00pm.
Terminal's picture

You know it's going to happen. It's nothing but foreshadowing in this scene. Bad foreshadowing. He's learning to combat these robots, and eventually he'll fight them again but in the Robocopiest skills possible.

This isn't even Robocop anymore. It's Iron Man meets the Will Smith I Robot.

Submitted by Terminal on Fri, 01/17/2014 - 1:21am.
MonsterMash's picture

If one comment sums up how much nobody gives a shit, let it be this one.

Submitted by MonsterMash on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 5:27pm.
Hear hear!
Terminal's picture

Hear hear!

Submitted by Terminal on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 6:09pm.
NeoKefka's picture

THRILL as state of the art robots duel wielding machine guns can't hit a huge, slow moving target that's literally a foot away from them!

Jesus Christ, what the fuck...

Submitted by NeoKefka on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 4:03pm.
LifeMi's picture

This is looking more miserable with every new piece of marketing

Submitted by LifeMi on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 12:54pm.
Matt Serafini's picture

It's amazing. Marketing seems to be actively trying to eradicate all expectation for this movie.

Submitted by Matt Serafini on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 1:18pm.
Diavolo's picture

Quickly scanning the cast list, I thought it starred Kenneth Williams. Anyone from the UK will appreciate how beautiful that would have been.

Submitted by Diavolo on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 10:32am.


Submitted by Chernobyl Kinsman on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 7:38pm.
Sirand's picture

So they've dragged down both Robocop AND Focus' "Hocus Pocus" - two things I dearly love. Damn them. Damn them all to Hell.

Submitted by Sirand on Wed, 01/15/2014 - 9:48pm.

High five tinged with bitter sadness due to the occasion, Hocus Pocus rocks.

Submitted by Chernobyl Kinsman on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 12:19am.

Again with the fucking training robots. They really want to bring in the Iron Man crowd don't they? What a joke.

Submitted by LSD Zombie on Wed, 01/15/2014 - 9:25pm.

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