First Look at Cannibal Movie Devoured & My New Winter’s Coat!

The Devoured (click to  see it bigger!)During my time on the set of Plague Town a few months back, I got to chatting with the special effects coordinator Tate Steinsiek. If you ever hit a set, always be sure to make friends with the bloodslingers, they are the coolest, friendliest and usually have the best stories to tell. That’s free advice from me to you.

Along with creating the gore and mutants for Plague Town, Steinsiek discussed his first directorial effort, The Devoured, which he co-directed with long-time collaborator Ari Novak. It sounded pretty sick so I wanted to be sure I stayed on top of it, so when I found the first trailer for the film, which you can see below, I realized it was time to start talking about it.

The Devoured (click to  see it bigger!)”I scripted a story loosely based on the thing that happened in Germany where the guy was cannibalizing with medical waivers so the police could never interfere, brought the story to New York and expanded the story into an entire cult.” Steinsiek told me on the Plague Town set, ”It’s vignette series, and [Peter] Greene [“Zed” from Pulp Fiction] stars in the first called Hungryman. They’re all intermingled short stories and they’re all based in reality; no werewolves, no ghosts, this is all shit that comes from the creepy guy who lives next door.”

The Devoured (click to  see it bigger!)On the PT set it was just before Halloween and Steinsiek said he hoped to continue working on the movie as soon as he was done with his makeup duties, a plan that seemed to work out pretty well. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more from this soon, because it really looks disturbing.

In addition to the Devoured pics you see here, Tate recently sent along two shots from his latest feature, My New Winter’s Coat, a project he collaborated with co-director Jason Noto on. ”It’s the story of an insane forest dwelling killer that stalks people unfortunate enough to be stuck in the mountain blizzard.” he told me, ”Let’s just say, he is looking for means to “stay warm” in the unforgiving snow.” If the pictures are any indication, that titular coat ain’t made out of cow leather…

First look at My New Winter's Coat(click to  see it bigger!) First look at My New Winter's Coat(click to  see it bigger!)

Feast your eyes on the trailer for The Devoured below, and be sure to hit up Tate’s official site for updates on his films and examples of all the badass effects work he’s done over the years!

Johnny Butane

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  • Johnny Butane

    Too early to tell now, but I doubt it. Hopefully it’ll get a good festival run and see where it goes from there.

  • PelusaMG

    That looks great! Is it going to get a theatrical release?

  • The Butcher

    Peter Green.
    I hear the guy is waaaay “out there” (’nuff said) but damn is it always a pleasure to see him cast in something.

  • Johnny Butane

    Yeah, um… me, either…

    • Spaceshark

      Well, in my defense, without the sound on it doesn’t really LOOK like a bad case of penis munchies…I guess…

  • Spaceshark

    Fuck me, I can’t believe this turns me on…