Sickness, Health and Fear Itself in June!

Fear Itself!NBC’s horror anthology Fear Itself kicks off in just a couple of days, and in all honesty I hope it does well for the sake of the horror genre. Without boobs and extreme violence to rely on, there’s a good chance decent stories may actually be conjured up.

So far we don’t know the entire schedule for this first season’s batch of episodes, but little by little they are being revealed to us. Today STYD found out that June 26th is the air date for the John Landis directed/Victor Salva written Fear Itself episode called “In Sickness and In Health”.

This story revolves around a bride-to-be who discovers on her wedding day that her soon to be spouse may not be the man of her dreams, but a serial killer! Be sure to check out the show’s official site for more info!


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