The Mystery of Wildcat

Wildcat?What is Wildcat? Best I can tell it’s one of those Jekyll & Hyde/werewolf hybrid movies with a touch of Species thrown in for good measure, only the catch is that the female lead finds herself afflicted with a condition that causes her to transform from a lusty & busty babe to an uber-horny & busty babe with a feline face, determined to mate and kill – not necessarily in that order. Yeah, we’re talking WEREPUSSY!

Outside of the promo artwork and the trailer provided by Cine Excel’s website, there doesn’t seem to be any other online proof of Wildcat’s existence. Cine Excel doesn’t even have a plot synopsis available on their site and that’s really odd considering they’re the kings of providing long, overly detailed plot synopses that tend to give away entirely too many details about the actual plot. All I can tell you is what the trailer told me and I honestly cannot think of the last time I watched a trailer for a Z-grade flick of this sort and laughed as hard as I did at some of the stuff seen here. Folks, just trust me on this one when I tell you that you need to see this trailer just so that you can say that you’ve seen the trailer for Wildcat. Click here for Windows Media and here for Quicktime. It’s only two-and-a-half minutes out of your life and it will most likely give you the heartiest laugh you’ll have all day. I will warn you that the trailer isn’t particularly safe for work and if you’ve ever seen that old 80s MTV novelty video “Dog Police” then it isn’t safe for your psyche either.

Cine Excel Entertainment is a company that’s got quite a few films in the can that look to be the very personification of schlock. Whether or not any ever see the light of day remains to be seen (or unseen as the case may be). A couple of their films have seemingly been awaiting distribution for years now. I’ve had some dealings with Cine Excel in the past but have never been able to get much out of them. Am I going to have to beg for some screeners? Somebody somewhere has to actually get to see some of these movies eventually. Why not let that person be me? Must I beg?

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