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It’s Playtime in the Official Trailer for Daniel Ray’s Heidi



Daniel Ray's Found Footage Killer Doll Film Heidi

Heidiss - It's Playtime in the Official Trailer for Daniel Ray's HeidiDaniel Ray dropped us a line with an update regarding the world premiere of Heidi at the PollyGrind Film Festival and also let us know its official trailer has arrived.  Check it out right here along with the PollyGrind details and a bit more about Ray’s inspiration for the killer doll at the center of his new film.

The movie’s premiere date has been moved to Thursday, October 16th, at a much larger venue, Galaxy Theatres Green Valley in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In case you’re wondering who came first, Heidi or Annabelle, Ray explains, “Heidi is a film that was in production long before an idea of Annabelle came to light — and even before the release of The Conjuring, which debuted Annabelle on screen for the first time. So while it’s a big coincidence that two doll films are being released this year in October, [they] have nothing to do with each other, and the storylines are completely different.”

So, where did Ray get the idea for Heidi? “I was first inspired by Talky Tina from ‘The Twilight Zone,'” he says. “Just the idea of a relentless, indestructible killer doll was enough for me to stay away from dolls in general when I was a little kid. But that idea grew bigger a few years ago when I realized there hasn’t been a decent horror film about dolls, and I wanted to change that by introducing the world to Heidi.”

You can meet Heidi yourself if you’ll be attending PollyGrind 2014. It runs October 16-17; click the link for additional info, including the full lineup (subject to change).

Heidi stars Samuel Brian, Joey Bell, Joei Fulco, and Eva Falana. Their co-stars include Elizabeth Callahan, Michael Monteiro, and Ava Gianna. It was shot at various locations in and around Las Vegas, Nevada, with writer/director Ray covering all aspects of post-production, including editing, visual effects, sound mixing, and Foley. Joseph Gutierrez serves as executive producer, and Mary Solis and Joe Frank are associate producers.

Two high school friends, Ryan (Samuel Brian) and Jack (Joey Bell), are hoping to be the next YouTube stars with their series of prank videos, spending their summer break terrorizing friends and loved ones, all to get a laugh. When Ryan is hired to do a housesitting job for a neighbor, their curiosity to explore an abandoned attic takes a terrifying turn after discovering a mysterious doll: Heidi. Suddenly tormented by a string of unexplained events, Ryan believes the doll is more than just haunted – it is alive,  and he intends to capture everything on camera to prove it. But the worst has yet to come as Heidi’s deadly idea of playtime is just getting started…

Heidi3 - It's Playtime in the Official Trailer for Daniel Ray's Heidi

Heidi - It's Playtime in the Official Trailer for Daniel Ray's Heidi




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