Zombie Talks Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, Rob Zombie got to chatting with the folks at MTV about, what else, his upcoming remake of Halloween. It’s the first solid news we’ve heard about the redux so that alone makes it pretty damn cool. The details:

Dr. Loomis will be a part of the film; indeed Zombie has plans to beef up his role quite a bit to make him a bit more twisted than the soft spoken, haunted character portrayed by Donald Pleasence in the original. “I wanted his story to feel more intertwined with Michael in a way that means something, which they did in the original, but sometimes it feels like he disappears for a long period and then just pops up to go, ‘He’s evil!’ and then he disappears again for a while,” Zombie told the site.

But the star of the show will not be some screaming babysitter or her ditzy friends, but the madman Myers himself; ”When you research anybody, whether it’s Charles Manson or Jeffrey Dahmer or Henry Lee Lucas, and you see the things in their past, you go, ‘Serial killer is the only job this guy was qualified for,'” he continued. ””The deeper you can get into a character’s head, the further you will get under an audience’s skin and the more it will unnerve them.”

I have to admit the more he talks, the more interested I am in seeing what he’ll be bringing to the table. Check out the entire article at the link above to see if you don’t feel the same way!

Johnny Butane

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