Seeley & Yuzna Talk Hack/Re-Animator Crossover

Hack/Slash meets Dr. West!When it was initially announced that Herbert West would be finding his way into the Hack/Slash come the series’ 15th issue, I thought it brilliant. Recently Newsarama sat down with Brian Yuzna, director of the last two films and the man who effectively owns the rights to the West character, and Hack/Slash creator Tim Seeley to discuss why this crossover just make so much sense.

“Re-Animator and Hack/Slash have similar aesthetics, the somewhat ‘transgressive’ ironic tone,” Yuzna explained. “It’s a type of hardcore horror that is fun—for some reason this type of stuff attracts real dedication in the fans. I am a fan myself and love the horror films that I grew up with—just like the younger fans today who grew up with Re-Animator—so it’s a feeling I certainly understand.”

Seeley drops some more details about the plot of the issue as well, promising we’ll finally meet Cassie Hack’s father, Jack, a character who’s beeen teased since the first issue. Jack’s work with the Revenants, who just so happen to reanimate from time to time, will have a lot to do with where Dr. West comes into play.

Hit the link above to check out the entire interview, in which Yuzna gives a definitive update on the progress of more Re-Animator films and talks about the comic adaptation of the first film he’s working on with Barry Keating, who’s also contributing to the Hack/Slash crossover.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Terminal

    Man, I wonder if that’s Cassie’s father!

    This may also have something to do with Euthanized.

    Damn if Seeley connects the dots, then goddamn this series is officially my favorite of all time.

    I can’t fucking wait.

    And Lesbian or not, I worship Cassie Hack.

  • ivelnoslo

    I am in love with Cassie Hack. ‘sigh’. But she’s only a drawing.

    This is the best horror book on the stands, period. I have nearly all of them and I reread them, which is saying alot. VERY good series.