Black Mask Announces Second Slate of Comics; Pirouette Available Now!

As reported earlier today, Black Mask has set up “Five Ghosts” as a TV series on Syfy with Universal Cable Productions producing and Evan Daugherty writing the pilot. What will be their next breakout hit? Here are the horror highlights from the publishing/production company’s just announced upcoming second slate of comics to keep an eye on:

From the Press Release
BLACK MASK STUDIOS, the publishing/production company launched last year by Matt Pizzolo (GODKILLER, OCCUPY COMICS), Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion, CEO Epitaph Records, ANTI- Records), and Steve Niles (30 DAYS OF NIGHT), has unveiled its second slate of comics.

It’s an armada three times the size of its previous slate, now flagshipped by Grant Morrison (ALL STAR SUPERMAN, THE MULTIVERSITY), Vanesa Del Rey (EMPTY MAN), Ben Templesmith (SQUIDDER), TV and transmedia expansions of Frank Barbiere and Chris Mooneyham’s breakout hit FIVE GHOSTS, and Steve Niles’ long-awaited debut book for the upstart company.

But it’s not just legendary creators, Black Mask is also continuing its streak of debuting the next wave of creators who will be making waves in the comic market.

Says Pizzolo, “On our first slate Black Mask brought out important new works from legends like Darick Robertson and RZA while simultaneously debuting young guns like Adam Egypt Mortimer, who wowed people with Ballistic, just like we did on Occupy Comics bringing Alan Moore and J.M. DeMatteis together with then-freshmen Ales Kot and Matt Miner.”

“We’re doing that again; we’re ecstatic to be bringing new books from Grant Morrison and Vanesa Del Rey and Steve Niles, and we’re equally excited to be debuting new creators you’ll be talking about all of 2015 such as Tony Patrick, Holly Interlandi, Amancay Nahuelpan, Zoe Chevat, Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, Vita A., and tons more. We’ll also be bringing you what I think will be the breakout books by hardworking creators that savvy readers already love such as Curt Pires, Michael Moreci, Mark L. Miller, Matthew Rosenberg, and Alexis Ziritt. I’m thrilled because I love all these creators and all these books, and I’m excited because I know our strategies are the bleeding edge for getting their stories to current readers as well as new audiences,” he adds.

Black Mask Studios Unveils its Second Slate of Comics
* 2015 *
writer Grant Morrison
artist Vanesa Del Rey

What is it?
Grant Morrison fans have heard rumors of this project for years now… it’s one of the stories dearest to Grant’s heart, so he took his time seeking the right home and perfect format for it. SINATORO melds the Tibetan Book of the Dead with the Great American Road Movie for Grant’s masterwork on Life, Death, and America.

Why it’s awesome:
This strange tale of living life and facing death is one Grant has been extremely passionate about for years, and it’s sure to be his next legendary work. Teaming Grant with Vanesa Del Rey makes for a real dream team — Vanesa is one of the most exciting new artists to hit the scene in years, and the dark mystique of her artwork channels all the transcendent themes of Grant’s wildest imaginings.

Black Mask Studios' Sinatoro
* 2015 *

writer Fabian Rangel Jr.
artist Alexis Ziritt
letterer Ryan Ferrier

What is it?
The psychedelic space opera of disgraced Captain Peligro seeking redemption and a body count worthy of his namesake, the Skullship Santa Muerte. As writer Fabian Rangel Jr. put it “Get a bowl; add KIRBY, STERANKO, B-MOVIES, and METAL; and mix until your mind is blown. We can do ANYTHING in comics. And we plan to.”

Why it’s awesome:
Alexis Ziritt (who’s been doing those amazing LOKI: RAGNAROK AND ROLL covers) is making tripped-out, psycho-manic art like no one else these days, and we think SPACE RIDERS is the perfect book for him to hit the next level. Fabian Rangel Jr. is a very cool new writer we’ve been watching for a while; his DOC UNKNOWN digital comic is a real gem, and his backup in the LIBERATOR trade went viral on Tumblr. Both of these guys are about to break huge, and SPACE RIDERS is poised to be the book that does it for them.

Black Mask Studios' Space Riders
* 2015 *

writer Tony Patrick
artist Ayhan Hayrula
colorist Doug Garbark

What is it?
A sci-fi thriller about a next-gen form of psychiatry: ‘subliminal hitmen’ injected into your mind who hunt down and kill the demons that haunt you. Ex-military sharpshooter Colin McClure is Mezign Corporation’s most recent recruit for the still-experimental (and often deadly) job of subliminal hitman. McClure is the perfect candidate for two reasons: a- he’s a killing machine, and b- he lost his legs in the war so subliminal-ops are his only way to see any action. But he’s also a dangerous candidate for one reason unknown to Mezign: Colin’s true motive is to enter the mind of his catatonic daughter and bring her out of a coma.

Why it’s awesome:
Melding Hitman with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, newcomer Tony Patrick has crafted a slam-dunk concept that merges all the things we love about comics: complex characters, surreal locations, mindbending concepts, and non-stop action. Ayhan’s sophisticated linework brings a smart and grounded feel to the otherworldly actioner.

Black Mask Studios' X'Ed
* 2015 *

writer Steve Niles
artist Christopher Mitten

What is it?
This ghost story in space reunites comics’ king of the macabre Steve Niles with his longtime collaborator Christopher Mitten, whose stylish mix of grit and flow matches Steve’s sharp characterizations and taste for screams.

Why it’s awesome:
After wrapping their longtime collaborations 30 DAYS OF NIGHT and CRIMINAL MACABRE, Steve and Christopher cooked up the perfect new project to explode at Black Mask, and this grounded sci-horror story taps both their strengths while giving them limitless opportunity to flex their storytelling muscles.

Black Mask Studios' The Disciples
* 2015 *

writer Curt Pires
artist Chris Peterson
colorist Pete Toms
letterer Colin Bell

What is it?
Fresh off buzz-books THEREMIN and POP, Curt Pires delivers this madcap, transgressive adventure that reads like a Hunter S. Thompson supernatural shoot-em-up. A washed-up, drug-addicted screenwriter and a transgender bartender stumble onto a Satanic cult’s plan to sacrifice people all across LA (geomapped in the form of a pentagram, of course) and bring on armageddon. As our intrepid, damaged heroes embark on a suicide mission to stop the crazy cultists, even they wonder if this is all really happening or if they’re just plain batshit crazy. Probably both.

Why it’s awesome:
Pires is already a red hot writer for smart readers in the know, and we think this book will jettison him to being comics’ next great mad scientist writer. Peterson is coming off GRINDHOUSE where he honed the energetic and lurid b-movie look that makes MAYDAY roll like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas meets Pulp Fiction.

Black Mask Studios' Mayday
* 11/26/14 *
writer Matt Miner
artist Sean Von Gorman
cover Rod Reis

What is it?
A hilarious and gory tongue-in-cheek story, Toe Tag Riot is a punk rock band cursed to become zombies whenever they perform their music! The band goes on a last cross-country tour in search of a cure to their affliction, but being the ethical sometimes zombie-punks they are, Toe Tag Riot uses their zombie superpowers to rid the world of racists, homophobes, misogynists and all kinds of other nasty people.

Why it’s awesome:
Miner and Von Gorman last collaborated on one of OCCUPY COMICS’ most popular stories (about Miner’s experience during Hurricane Sandy). Now fresh off the animal avenging comic LIBERATOR, Miner brings this LGBTQ-positive zombie-punk horrorshow that the Westboro Baptist Church themselves accidentally endorsed… and then un-endorsed, and made even bigger clowns of themselves than usual in the process. Miner’s punk-positive characters and Von Gorman’s high-energy, fun storytelling make Toe Tag Riot a zany gorefest romp like none before it.

Black Mask Studios' Toe Tag Riot
Don’t want to wait so long for some killer comics? Then keep reading because Pirouette, from Mark Miller, is out TODAY!

* 10/8/14 *
writer Mark L. Miller
artist Carlos Granda

What is it?
Raised from infancy by duplicitous clowns who entertain by day and menace by night, Pirouette dreams of washing the paint from her face and escaping to a better life far away from her cruel adoptive circus family… because when the spotlights dim and the crowd disperses, the clown princess’ big-top dreams give way to a nightmarish world of monsters with painted smiles.

Why it’s awesome:
Mark L. Miller spins Pirouette with authentic darkness and depth of character, while Carlos Granda’s sweeping, exuberant line art evokes all the exotic charm and mysterious gloom of Pirouette’s shadowy big top.

Black Mask Studios' Pirouette

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