It Came From the Internet! 5/26

It Came From the Internet!

An epic showdown.

Croc Vs Shark. Now if we could just get Ninjas Vs Pirates.

First up are some great clips sent in by various readers
Bitch Killer sent in by GoochCamper.

And another one made by GoochCamper himself.

This clip is a long time favorite of mine. We planned to show it in a later installment but after Gooch mentioned we should show it too we decided to play our hand early.

Reader Christopher Miniaci sent us these animated shorts, check out the other one here

The original Halloween Theme. The producers thought it would be better without lyrics. How wrong they were.

G4 does some great things. You should know this.

Slashers (2001) I cant believe I haven’t seen this.

Sometimes, people are way too into their work.

Creepiest Blind Date Ever — powered by

Body parts made out of bread…

Italian Spider Man Episode One. Greatest thing to ever hit the internet? Check out the trailer and the rest of the episodes on Youtube.

Tried and true method of keeping a loved one close.

“I’m Gonna Cut Myself” (AKA Every Emo Song Ever) — powered by