Boll Improvises Stoic, Janjaweed

Postal is in theaters now... allegedlyThis morning THR is reporting that Dr. Uwe Boll is prepping his next two films, both of which will be fully improvised dramas, neither of which sound very pleasant, but at least the man is trying something new.

The first is called Stoic and stars Edward Furlong(!), Shaun Sipos, and Sam Levinson. Stoic is the retelling of the true story of three German convicts doing time for non-violent offenses who raped and tortured a cellmate for 10 hours before helping him hang himself to cover their crime.

“It all started with a game of poker, where the loser had to eat a tube of toothpaste,” Boll explained. “He refused and was forced to eat it, threw up and was forced to eat his puke, and things escalated from there.” The entire script had improvised dialogue on the set, Boll relying on the instincts of his actors rather than his skills as a screenwriter (…) to make it work. Boll promises that Stoic, which is in post production now, will be very graphic and likely released unrated.

The second movie is called Janjaweed and will also have dialogue fully improvised by his actors. The story is of American journalists in Sudan who are forced to decide between staying and helping people being tortured by the titular militia group, or leaving to report on the atrocities they witness.

The trade actually points out that there are 250K names on the list asking Boll to stop making movies, but 45K on the list asking him to continue. Ah, leave the guy alone. I think we’d have a lot less to talk about if he went away.

Boll’s bests film to date, “>Postal (review), is currently suffering from a disgustingly small theatrical run; be sure to seek it out soon. This really should be seen with an audience so you can hear how offended those around you get.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • aphexbr

    Can’t be any worse than the scripted stuff, surely?

    @conundrum: He can make all the crappy movies he wants as long as he stops licensing videogames. Historical and political subjects can stand more than one movie at a time (maybe these will inspire a competent film-maker to tackle the subjects?), but we’ll have to wait a long time before anyone manages to do justice to Alone In The Dark…

  • PelusaMG

    So basically, Uwe Boll can’t be bothered to write a script…

  • conundrum

    I have never said this before and never thought that I would need to.

    Uwe Boll needs to be stopped.

    When he is bringing his unique style of film making to video game adaptations it is one thing. But bringing it to an ongoing humanitarian crisis involving genocide? Do not get me wrong, movies to raise awareness about what is going on in Sudan are a good idea in my book. But I consider that serious business and would really prefer Boll stay the hell away.

  • Chainsaw

    Honestly, i don’t think imporvised dialog is going to be in his favor. He’s seems like the kind of director who has a tough time getting his view across already, much less the language barrier. Riffing on stuff is more freeform, but it also needs a solid hand to guide it to prevent it from rambling. I don’t see him succeeding with that.