Scream Factory Announces Class of 1984, Supernova, and a Blacula Double-Feature Blu-ray for 2015

Scream Factory releasing Blacula and Supernova on Blu-RayA few days ago it was a Love at First Bite/Once Bitten double feature. Scream Factory is continuing its “Shocktober” surprises with word that Supernova, Class of 1984, and a double dose of Blacula are headed to Blu-ray next year.

For those that like their blacksploitation with a twist of horror, Scream Factory will honor Black History Month by releasing Blacula and its lesser sequel, Scream Blacula Scream, together as adouble-feature Blu-ray this February.

The 1972 original that redefined the term “bloodsucka” starred the late great William Marshall as an African prince transformed into a vampire by the bite of Dracula himself. Marshall reprised the role a year later for the sequel that saw the Black Prince of Darkness resurrected via voodoo to raise more hell while terrorizing Pam Grier.

Scream Factory caught everyone unexpected with the unlikely announcement that they would be giving the Blu treatment to the sexy sci-fi thriller Supernova, a motion picture far more deserving of a shoddy Mill Creek release than the extra mile Scream Factory goes to. This one’s a real head-scratcher since the movie was an enormous flop upon its release, the reviews were scathing, and, honestly, when was the last time you ever heard anyone mention Supernova?

Supernova is more noteworthy for all the behind-the-scenes turmoil surrounding its production than the film itself. Geoffrey Wright was originally scheduled to direct it, only to quit weeks before shooting due to MGM tinkering with the script. Then the great Walter Hill was hired to direct, but MGM was so displeased with his cut, the $90,000,000 film was shelved for some time until Jack Sholder was brought in to do reshoots and Francis Ford Coppola was recruited to re-edit the movie in a last ditch effort to salvage it. When Supernova was finally released in January 2000, the directing credit went to the fictional name “Thomas Lee” due to the famous “Alan Smithee” credit having just been retired.

No extras have been announced as of yet, but rest assured if there’s a documentary chronicling the turmoil that was the making of Supernova, it will probably be worth the purchase price alone.

You’d expect so much better from a science fiction film starring the likes of James Spader (“The Blacklist”), Angela Bassett (“American Horror Story”) , Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba), Robert Forster (Jackie Brown), Peter Facinelli (Twilight), Wilson Cruz (“My So-Called Life”) ,and Robin Tunney (The Craft).

Supernova explodes onto DVD January 15, 2015. That exactly 15 years and a day from its January 14, 2000, US theatrical release date.

Lastly, sometime next spring Scream Factory will be releasing to Blu for the first time ever Mark L. Lester’s violent 1982 high school vengeance cult classic Class of 1984. Here’s what Scream Factory had to say about the film on its Facebook page:

Although this is not a “horror film” in the true sense of the word, we thought it was suitably violent, edgy, and dark enough to warrant inclusion in the brand (not to mention it has a strong following). The director himself – Mark L. Lester – is very on board with this strategy as well. Those of you who love the film know what a gem it is and that it sports a great cast that includes Perry King (Mandingo, “Riptide”), Roddy McDowell (Fright Night, The Legend of Hell House), Lisa Langlois (Deadly Eyes, Happy Birthday to Me), Timothy Van Patten (“The Sopranos”), and even Michael J. Fox in an early role.

Given that Class of 1984 is being billed as a Special Collector’s Edition, we can expect this one to be fully loaded with all sorts of extras. With any luck this will soon lead to a Blu-ray of Lester’s sci-fi reboot of the premise, Class of 1999. Now that’s a Scream Factory Blu-ray I’d scream for!

Stay tuned for word on the varying disc extras. Heck, stay tuned because who knows what titles Scream Factory will next announce in the coming days. Come on, The Vindicator! Come on, Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge!

Scream Factory Releasing Blacula and Supernova on Blu-ray

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