NY Asian Film Fest Lineup!

NYAFF 2008 (click to see it bigger)The New York Asian Film Festival just announced this year’s lineup, and for horror fans there’s quite a bit to choose from, as usual. The fest will go down this June 20th–July 3rd at the IFC Center, then carry over from July 3rd–6th at the Japan Society.

Here’s a breakdown of what horror fans can mark their calendars for:

  • Accuracy of Death (2008) – All right, it’s not the all-out scream-fest we were hoping for when the film was first announced (instead it turned into a lighthearted romantic comedy), but it’s Japanese so it’s going to be weird. Takeshi Kaneshiro plays Death, who comes down to Earth with a talking dog to evaluate the lives of those about to die.

  • Always 2: Sunset on Third Street (2007) – This one’s even further removed from horror, but there is apparently a dream sequence in which the one and only Godzilla does what he does best.

  • The Butcher (2007) – Now we’re talking. A gritty, low-budget directorial debut from Kim Jin-Won, this Korean screamer has been compared to Hostel, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Oldboy. Take that for what you will!

    NYAFF 2008 (click to see it bigger)

  • Dainipponjin (2007) – A movie about a boring workaday man who hates his job. Sound sleep-inducing? It would be, except for the fact that his job is to grow to giant-sized proportions to defeat monsters attacking Japan!

  • Fine, Totally Fine (2007) – Called a spiritual successor to A Taste of Tea, this sounds like one of the strangest of the fest. It’s a love triangle about three people about to hit thirty who’ve done nothing with their lives, but it involves a ghost, building the perfect haunted house, and a giant, child-killing chewing gum bubble…

  • L: Change the World (2008) – This one is nothing new to Dread readers, a sequel to the Death Note live action films directed by Ring helmer Hideo Nakata detailing the last 23 days of master detective L.

  • M (2007) – A popular novelist has blown his latest deadline because his high school sweetheart just showed up in his life again, but she very well may already be dead. This one caused a lot of stir when it was released in Korea due to its very personal tone.

    NYAFF 2008 (click to see it bigger)

  • Mad Detective (2007) – Called ”one of the blackest, darkest, most despairing films you’ll ever see”, the story follows a detective who has the very unique ability to see into people’s souls.

  • Mise En Scene Short Film Festival – A collection of shorts featuring killer puppies, zombies, moon-eating chickens and more!

  • Sukiyaki Western Django (2007) – I guess this fits in horror about as well as it does any other genre; Takashi Miike returns with one of the strangest, goriest, best times you’ll ever have watching a movie.

  • This World of Ours (2007) – A film made by a former shut-in that is a scream of rage against society with issues like gang rape, 9/11 and self-mutilation all crammed in together. Sounds like a tough one to sit through!
  • Keep an eye on the New York Asian Film Festival site for more updates or just to see what else is playing the fest; believe me when I say this is a partial list at best.

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