Shock Festival Runner-Up & Exclusive New Poster!

Raccoons (click to see it bigger!)If you entered our ongoing Shock Festival contest but didn’t win last week, don’t think that means your idea wasn’t good enough! Romano’s got a lot of entries to choose from, and sometimes he even has to pick a runner-up for the contest.

While we patiently wait for him to let us know who this week’s winner is, he sent us over the poster he did for last week’s runner-up, a film called Raccoons. “I get a lot of really silly entries that make me laugh at a lot, but most of them don’t make the cut because there is an element of deadpan satire missing.” Romano explained to us as to why he picked such an odd title, ”I liked [Raccoons] because I wanted to do a nature revolt flick that was patently absurd, yet played totally straight. The key to this was the idea that aliens are behind the whole mess. That just sells the whole fucking thing. And I tried to find the absolute cutest photograph of a raccoon and make it “horrifying”. This one’s for William Girdler, baby!”

Still on the fence about entering your idea? Lazy! It couldn’t be any easier, and the winners will see their name in the Shock Festival book when IDW publishes it this October (pre-order it here) and see their idea in full-on poster format! Get all the details on the contest right here!

Romano also just sent us an exclusive look at a new poster he was just commissioned to create for Drew Barnhardt’s Murder Loves Killers Too, a film he says is ”a pretty inventive giallo style slasher movie that may turn a few heads for its brighter moments.” Just click on the teaser chunk below to see the whole thing!

Click to  see the entire poster!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Hunter1006

    It loads now, thanks WIB.

  • Johnny Butane

    I though it was you, Hunter! Congrats!

  • Terminal

    Great poster submissions dudes. I’m looking forward to the book.

  • The Woman In Black

    Fixed the image problem. It should load fine now.

  • Hunter1006


    I’m the one who submitted ‘RACCOONS’. Thanks Romano!
    Also, the image for the poster doesn’t seem to load to its full size…

  • Johnny Butane

    Oh, yeah, forgot to mention; whomever sent in the Raccoons entry, please speak up! We can’t seem to find it anywhere… though I distinctly remember getting it…