The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 4.03 - Isolation

Daryl backed up the car, knocking over many walkers and getting the back wheels jammed in their bodies. They had to abandon the car and fight their way to the clearing. Meanwhile Tyreese was immobile inside the car with the walkers encroaching. Something finally clicked and he ran out with his hammer blazing. Pounding walkers with his hammer, he distracted them while allowing the others to escape.

The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 4.03 - Isolation - Daryl & Michonne

Fighting their way through the woods and dispatching walkers, the three of them finally came to a clearing. As Daryl got ready to shoot the walkers coming at them, Tyreese showed up behind the walkers (yay!) and took them out. Tyreese was exhausted from the killing but the rest of them helped him away.

Hershel served his remedy to Doctor S, who coughed all over Hershel in return. Now that Hershel is infected, he took off his mask calmly. Hershel then served some tea to Glenn, who could barely move. "After everything, we just get taken out by a glorified cold," Glenn miserably said. "We got this far somehow; you can believe somehow," Hershel replied. Boy, Hershel is the wise old man tonight!

Rick scolded Carol for going out on her own to fix the water pipe and she agreed. He thanked her for all her work and sacrifices and then he asked her if she killed Karen and David. Carol replied yes; they looked at each other and she continued with her work.

Holy crap! What will happen to Carol next? Will Rick share his discovery?

The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 4.02 - Infected - Poster

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No offense meant here, but who is writing this and why is it not being proofread?
Hell, a simple spell-check is a step in the right direction.

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