Zine Review: Rue Morgue #78

Rue Morgue #78 review!Issue #78
May 2008

The focus in this month’s Rue Morgue is something we’ve been trying to do a Dinner for Fiends about for the last month or so; the new wave of French horror. Sadly, there’s not a helluva lot to talk about since there are only a handful of movies that are making up this new trend, but it’s nice to see them put it in the forefront for the fans.

The main story, as you can tell from the beautiful cover, is about Julien Maury & Alexandre Bustillo’s “>Inside (DVD review). The article features a great interview with them done by Stuart F. Andrews in which the horrific duo discus the origins of the film, why they were able to go as far as they did with it (and that is far), and what their feelings were on the Hellraiser situation (at the time of writing they had not yet been pulled from the project, just the writing sid). If you haven’t gone out to get Inside on DVD yet, this article will likely push you over the edge.

Following that there’s a one-pager by Dave Alexander featuring a chat with the lead females from Inside and “>Frontier(s) (DVD review), then a full-on article focusing on the latter, which was helmed by Hitman director Xavier Gens … before he made the atrocious video game adaptation (I’m sure it’s badness wasn’t his fault).

Next is a brief look at Eric Vallette’s “>Malefique (DVD review), which just recently hit DVD despite having been made more than five years ago, and a film called Broceliande that I’ve never heard of put sounds pretty damn good.

Moving from France to Italy, The Gore-Met sits down with Dario Argento to chat up Mother of Tears (review), which finally sees release here in the States on June 6th. It’s a bit sad, I have to admit, how much Argento didn’t want to make the movie like Suspirlia or Inferno, thanks in no small part to the gleeful fun he had making both Masters of Horror episodes. Time will tell how this one will be regarded in the man’s overall cannon, but something tells me it won’t be the classic we’re all hoping for.

After a quick look at the DVD release of Doors Into Darkness, there’s an article about the photography of Pete Beste, who spent seven years documenting Norwegian Black Metal and has a pretty amazing new book out about it. Worth a read even if you’re not a fan of this sub-genre of music.

Other highlights this issue include Rob Bowen’s look at that 70’s vehicular slaughter masterpiece, The Car, the first news on Rue Morgue owner Rodrigo Gudino’s feature length debut, a remake of Cut-Throats Nine, pretty much anything that shows up in Gary Butler’s comic column (seriously, this is always some of the mag’s best writing) and the final-page “Classic Cuts”, which focuses on the old Time-Life book series “The Enchanted World”, which is just fantastic.

Rue Morgue #78 is on better newsstands now, be sure to visit the official Rue Morgue site for more!

Johnny Butane

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