The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 4.02 - Infected

Outside, Glenn kept watch at the tower with Maggie sleeping next to him. They shared a light moment with a Polaroid camera as they were ready to change shift. Glenn volunteered to bring back breakfast. Rick and Carl walked Michonne out to the gate and then they tended to their farm duties. When Carl wanted to join the walker trimming crew, Rick had other farming plans for Carl instead. Carl even tried to ask for his gun back but before Rick could change the subject, the boom rang out.

Rick ordered Carl up the tower with Maggie and ran towards the prison. The other fighters rushed out following their plan. Michonne turned and raced back on her horse. Carl tried to open the gate for her on his own but Michonne got stuck in the holding area. She had to fight off two wandering walkers on her own before Maggie could help open the gate. Carl dispatched one walker while Michonne got the other one, but not before hurting herself. Helping Michonne inside, Maggie noticed the walkers were congregating at the fence.

The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 4.02 - Infected - Michonne

Inside, there was chaos during evacuation and walker fighting. Daryl even saved a little boy while taking out a walker with his crossbow. When a man was bitten on his arm, Carol ushered him into a cell and started to amputate his arm but found another bite on his neck.

When we came back from commercial, the group surveyed their losses and began to clean out the dead a second time.

The bit man knew he was done for and Carol sat with him waiting for him to turn.

Examining the walker they found who happened to lock himself inside a cell due to sleepwalking, a medical guy suggested it was a flu strain that kill the sleepwalker. Everyone there has been exposed.

The little girls came to say goodbye to their father, the bit man. When Carol needed to finish him off, the elder sister wanted to do it but couldn't. So Carol had to finish with the girls in the room with her.