The Final Horrorfest Film Is….

A pic snapped on the set of the film, back when it was still ZombiesBeen waiting with bated breath to find out what the eighth and final film to be show in After Dark Production’s upcoming Horrorfest is? We have too, to be honest, and since it was taking so long to announce, it was assumed it’d be a pretty big name horror flick.

Such is not the case as Fangoria has revealed (and we have since confirmed) that the final film is Wicked Little Things, which you’re probably more familiar with under its original title (Zombies) and under its original director (Tobe Hooper).

Set to be the Hoopster’s first undead adventure, working from a script by Toolbox Murders redux writers Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson, the entire trio departed the project; and it was taken over by The Forsaken helmer J. S. Cardone. If that doesn’t send a shiver up your spine (add to that the fact that he also wrote The Covenant), then you obviously don’t feel fear. You’re all like Daredevil or some shit.

The film follows a mother who takes her two daughters to a house they’ve just inherited near the mountains. Nearby there’s a mine where, years before, a horrible accident caused the death of many children, and now they’re beginning to crawl their way out to get some much-needed nourishment. Well, at least it’s a bit different…

Check out After Dark’s site for more film info and a partial list of the 35 cities the fest will be hitting come November 17th. Tickets for the fest are on sale tomorrow through the site as well as Fandango.com, Moviephone.com, and Movietickets.com, so don’t delay in scooping them up! The entire block will set you back $75, or you can just buy stubs for the films you don’t want to miss.

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