Kay Pacts With the Devil

Stuck in PG13 Hell?People actually went to see Boogeyman in theatres last year? Yup, they sure did. I was there on a blind date and had to sit through all the yappy high school girls screaming even when there was nothing happening on the screen. When the credits started to roll, I knew that I had just witnessed a plot hole filled mess that had to rely so much on stingers that my ears had started to bleed. That wasn’t the worst part though. Boogeyman made money … even though any horror movie could if it was released at a time when there’s not another damn thing to watch in the theatre (Covenant anyone?).

Guess what!?! The director of that mess, Stephen T. Kay, is back to direct another entry into the horror movie realm. Fangoria reported today that Mr. Kay will be the man in charge of a picture called Zoe August. The film has a premise that we don’t see too often these days since it deals with pacts made with Satan. Zoe’s parents once shook hands with the Devil to save her life, but there’s a price to be paid. What is the price? Why did he wait years to come and collect it? Was it on layaway?

Ok, I’ll bite. It sounds decent enough as long as Satan isn’t represented by some overly handsome guy with a cane or Bill Cosby. However, we should all still be a little wary, not just because Kay is involved but because the newest version of the script was written by C. Jay Cox, who was also associated with Sweet Home Alabama. Please don’t let this turn into a family friendly mess!

Kryten Syxx

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