Get Obsessed with Freda Warrington's A Taste of Blood Wine (The Blood Books)

Get Obsessed with Freda Warrington's A Taste of Blood Wine (The Blood Books)Titan Books is re-releasing UK supernatural/fantasy author Freda Warrington's "Blood Books," beginning with A Taste of Blood Wine on October 8th. We have all the details here to get you ready for an exclusive excerpt we'll be posting soon.

There are three books in the series described as a "thrilling tale of passion and betrayal." Titan is following up A Taste of Blood Wine with A Dance in Blood Velvet on April 8, 2014, with The Dark Blood of Poppies coming shortly thereafter.

Below you'll find the cover art and synopsis for Blood Wine along with a sneak peek of Blood Velvet's artwork. To whet your appetites further, on her official website author Warrington said if we like what we've seen so far, "just wait until you see the cover of book three... It's stunning."

1918. A First World War battlefield becomes the cosmic battleground for two vampires as Karl von Wultendorf struggles to free himself from his domineering maker, Kristian.

1923. Charlotte Neville watches as her father, a Cambridge professor, fills Parkland Hall with guests for her sister Madeleine's 18th birthday party. Among them is his handsome new research assistant Karl - the man Madeleine has instantly decided will be her husband. Charlotte, shy and retiring, is happy to devote her life to her father and her dull fiance Henry - until she sees Karl...

For Charlotte, it is the beginning of a deadly obsession that sunders her from her sisters, her father, and even her dearest friend. As their feverish passion grows, Karl faces the dilemma he fears the most. Only by deserting Charlotte can his passion for her blood be conquered. Only by betraying her can he protect her from the terrifying attentions of Kristian - for Kristian has decided to teach Karl a lesson in power, by devouring Charlotte.

Get Obsessed with Freda Warrington's A Taste of Blood Wine (The Blood Books)

Freda Warrington's A Dance in Blood Velvet (The Blood Books)

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