Ghost Adventures - Zak, Nick, and Aaron Talk 100th Episode: The Exorcist House and More!

Question: I know both Nick and Zak have kind of had experiences of near possessions and possessions. Did that cause you any you know trepidation in going into the Exorcist house at all because of your own personal experiences?

Zak Bagans: Yes, I think we were able to relate better to the story. I think being able to relate better to the story kind of put a more personal touch on the investigation. And in doing that, we wanted to take this investigation as deep as we could go. The three of us have connected with what happened there. A lot of things that we’ve been doing... it seems like other forces or even spirits or what not have been kind of guiding us a long to certain locations. These spirits have been at work to create this path for us and lead us to where we’re at.

Nick Groff: In a few locations I was more or less overtaken but something that I didn’t fully understand and my mental state I wasn’t there. I was blacking out. I heard this voice in my head saying, 'kill him, kill him' and then Zak snaps out of it by flashing a light in my face. There’s moments when you’re overtaken by energies and then there’s oppression which I think the three of us, Aaron, Zak and myself have gone through. Then there’s you know you get to depression and all this other mental state. I think is scary because you’re getting into a state where you just lose yourself. Where your soul is gone and you have this demonic entity in you. That scares me more than anything when we talk about possession and negative energies and the other demonic forces at work here trying to destroy the positivity in this world that we’re living in.

Question: With the way technological advances are going and the way you guys keep advancing what you’re using, do you think that you’re going to get to a point soon where you’ll be able to definitively say, 'Well, here’s what we found. Here’s your four or five different pieces of proof.' Finally find something that skeptics can’t you know pick apart.

Ghost Adventures

Nick Groff: You know I think we’re already at that level and you know we live in the digital age. Technology is just it’s moving so fast that we can’t keep up with it. The one thing that the digital age is doing to the paranormal world and especially for us exclusively it’s enabling us to work with inventors and electrical engineers like Bill Chapel and Gary Galka who are so enthused about the world of the paranormal. They’re putting their knowledge and education into building and designing new equipment and making modifications to existing equipment. That is really enabling us to take a personal experience and validate scientific data to suggest that there is fluctuations within the environment that are occurring in unison to experiences that are unexplained. It’s so important for us to separate ourselves from being just a television show. We do "Ghost Adventures" because we love dissecting history. We love presenting the history of locations. We love to travel. We love to show our personalities and to have fun with each other as friends. But the most importantly we're more serious about this because we know it’s real. How can we stay current and cement our credibility? By using all of these new different scientific pieces of equipment and working with engineers like Bill.

We feel that the audio that we’re getting now through the SB7 spirit box eradicates the skepticism of radio feedback or things like that. Sometimes we will let the spirit box just sit there for 3 hours and have not even have a single blip or speck of voice come through. Then ask a single question and get a response right away. Having environmental data measured while we do these experiments is crucial. It's really getting to the level now to where we don’t know what to do. We’re showing this on television but we should really be having some more organizations come and witness this stuff. Can we call NASA, can we call the biggest of biggest scientific organizations and just have them sit with us? It’s getting to that level. The Travel Channel even knows. I send them emails and I’m like, 'Guys, this just happened what should we do? Should we call NASA? Should we call...' I mean this is getting really, really crazy.