Ghost Adventures - Zak, Nick, and Aaron Talk 100th Episode: The Exorcist House and More!

Question: Has doing this kind of work sort of sensitized you too you know kind of fantasy horror?

Zak Bagans: Yes. I laugh at it. I laugh at these new paranormal movies and stuff like that. They’re cool. They’re raising awareness. But when I watch clips of them, they give me chills. They really do. I know that they’re just made in studios and stuff like that, but you know when I watch them... I think me and Aaron were saying this once... I’m that guy that it really has happened to. It’s like I watch it and I’m like, 'Wow, I’ve really experience that.'

Question: What locations did you guys want to investigate because of their history?

Zak Bagans: I really enjoyed the La Purisima Mission in California. That location as well as Gettysburg. You asked me to pick so I’ll say La Purisima. It really got me because of the history. I felt something there that was truly powerful. I felt a real deep sadness that the Chumash Indians went through because of the Spanish. I don’t know what that experience was all about. I can’t answer why I felt so strongly about the Chumash Indians and the pain that was inflicted on them. It’s something that always stays with me. Every now and then out of nowhere I’ll just get those feelings again. It will re-manifest itself inside of me. It’s really strange. It’s crazy. It’s just an investigation that always stays with me.

Aaron Goodwin. I'd definitely say Romania [this episode is forthcoming; more details below]. The whole history of Vlad and how he’s just you know? And then the Hellfire Caves. Those are my two.

Nick Groff: Take one? Man, just take one? All of them have different experiences. I want to pick them all. We learned something different at each location we go to through the research that we do. They all have some sort of different history that I learn from that I didn’t know prior to going there. It’s almost like being in history class. If I had to pick just one I think the pivotal one would be Poveglia Island. That was kind of epic for me because of just the layers and layers of history that occurred there on that island... just surrounding the water right there. You had battle ships, mental hospitals, plague victims burned there and all these mysterious deaths revolving around just this small patch of land off of Poveglia in Italy. That would be the one and plus we researched that for 10 years before we even went there.

Question: Being that 100 episodes is such a incredible milestone, I was wondering what each of you feel was the defining moment of your careers since you’ve started doing this.

Zak Bagans: What I would say the defining moment for me was when I went from a boy to a man in terms of the paranormal world at Bobby Mackey’s Music World where I had an exorcism performed on me. I wasn’t expecting that. So Bobby Mackey's changed everything for me. If I were to go back and talk to that Zak in 2008-2007, I would tell him, 'Dude you need to chill out a little bit. What you’re doing right now is you’re screaming and yelling at something that is very powerful and something that you cannot fight with those muscles. Ssoon you are going to get a wakeup call. And you are going to see just how powerful these forces that you cannot always see and hear truly are.'

Ghost Adventures

Once we investigated Mackey’s we did an event there and brought 100 people there to witness what a lot of people thought was maybe rigged or whatever. We’re a TV show. 'Oh, this is really happening, blah, blah, blah.' So we decided to bring 100 people there. For the 2 days that that event happened... it could have been a horror movie, a real life horror movie for all the things that happened to all the people there. It was nonstop. To sum this up... to see myself, the director of security, and the bouncer actually be taken away by one of the priests there... For the priest to put medallions and holy water on our foreheads and have it burn so badly that we couldn’t even bare... That eventually lead into another investigation with us. A return to Mackey’s. Bad things started happening, personal things started happening to all of us. When I fell under this possession and had to be exorcised... things that will never been shown on camera and will never be told to anybody except Nick, Aaron and myself and the priest that was there. That was a defining moment for me.

Aaron Goodwin: Mine was the Winchester Mystery House because during that moment, something snapped in me. Since then, I’ve been more aggressive. I’ll do whatever it takes to get the evidence. That was weird. The Hellfire Cave also, investigating there was another turning point in my life and career. Those two kind of changed me in a weird way.

Zak Bagans: In the beginning, you were a bit more of the shyer one.

Aaron Goodwin: Well, I was scared half to death. I never thought about ghosts. I was never into ghosts or anything so it’s kind of like this was a whole shock wave thrown at met. As soon as we went into that documentary, and when it’s just - you can’t - once your chosen for the paranormal it kind of like keeps you in it. So I just kept doing it. Now I’ve learned so much over the last 100 episodes that I’m completely different but still the same. It’s really weird. It’s a whole different way of life.

Nick Groff: Every time I say 'Wow, that was the one that defines me like Linda Vista when I saw that lady standing there two feet in front of my face, I’m like 'That’s the moment I’ve been waiting for.' But then something else occurs at another location like Savannah, Georgia. This negative energy just overtook my own mental state. There are times when I think to myself, 'I can’t do this anymore.' Like at Central Unit Prison when I got ill in the moment we captured all this evidence revolving around this. Still, I think the defining, defining moment after the years of doing this, after experiencing all of this horrific things that you know took a toll on my body... To be completely honest, I think it would be the Exorcist house.

The only reason I say that is because all these moments, all these experiences lead up to where I’m at in my life right now. It opened my eyes and it made me think that something more evil, something more sinister lies out there that we don’t fully understand. Something that can actually linger on your own mental state and really destroy your well being, your own inner soul, your own spirit that’s waiting in this body that we’re living right now. I think that woke me up at the Exorcist house, hearing those voices come through... 'diablo, devil.' Then talking to the priest and really opening up my mind because I wasn’t such a religious dude. I was raised as a catholic but you know I think spirituality I’m more spiritual. In that sense, I’m open minded with talking to everybody from all types, all backgrounds. But that defined me to wake me up and say, 'I need to calm down and be more cautious.' Put a threshold on where I’m at in my life right now with the way we investigate and stuff.