Ghost Adventures - Zak, Nick, and Aaron Talk 100th Episode: The Exorcist House and More!

Question: I was curious with this incident where you say a person was attacked. Can you provide a little bit of a detail about that? And I was curious when you did your investigation and if you can give us a little bit more of a teaser. I know you just mentioned about kind of the medical emergency that happened with the demonologist.

Zak Bagans: Greg [the person who was attacked] is a real nice guy. In 2009, he was doing an investigation at the Exorcist house. Not a lot bothers this guy. He’s a big guy. A tough guy. He didn’t believe the home was haunted. That’s what he told us. Nevertheless he went there to conduct his investigation. He told us that when he was in the little boy’s room the left side of his face started getting extremely, extremely hot. He started getting “disoriented.” The next thing that he knows is that another woman who was with him as part of the investigation that happened to be a nurse noticed the left side of his neck started forming white blisters all over his neck that formed a sort of white cross. There’s photographs of it, and we have some of the footage from the investigation.

Because Nick, Aaron and myself are extremely credible investigators, we will try to debunk things. We will separate facts from fiction in terms of urban legends and what’s true. We’re very big sticklers on credibility whether it’s the history or evidence. We wanted to get a better sense of who this guy is because we didn’t know him. That’s why before we investigated with him, we talked with the great niece of Father William Bowdern and asked her if she was aware of this guy. She really validated to us his credibility as an investigator. So we listened to him. And we listened very seriously. We heard him out and when he took us up to the room where this went down, he was visibly shaking. He was visibly shaking. And that’s it... that’s what he told us.

Nick Groff: To sum up what Zak was saying, when we went into the investigation... I’ll give you a little tease here about what we captured because I think personally it’s one of the scariest things that we’ve encountered or captured for a couple of different reasons. We were using our spirit box, our SB7 spirit box, one of our devices that communicates within the frequencies to capture spirit voices that come through, and Zak and I were... we had a Ouija board. Zak decided to bring that in and see what could come through. That was the greatest...

Zak Bagans: Well, for the first 3 hours we didn’t experience anything.

Nick Groff: That's right. We were in there for a couple of hours.... We went up and down that house and nothing happened. We’re trying everything. Nothing wass going on. So we go back to our base camp and Zak says, 'Hey, let’s bring in Greg’s Ouija board that he lent us. We can use it in the house.' We brought it to the second floor right to the room where this boy was possessed when they were exorcising him back when that occurred. Zak put the Ouija board down. Aaron tried warning us before we went in not to use it, but you know we try to push the limit sometimes and do whatever it takes. Try to get evidence and capture things.

Ghost Adventures

Zak had the spirit box and he put it on the Ouija board. There was a weird moment for a second where I asked myself and Zak - and you see me say it out loud - do you want to do this? I was scared. Right now I get chills thinking about what happened to us in that moment. There was nothing coming through, and then suddenly we get some voices...

The voices that scared the crap out of me. Two difference voices came through. One said, 'devil' and the other said 'diablo.' And it scared us. It scared us so bad that I was like, wow. I looked at Zak and for that split second, Zak’s face looked so different, like it shifted in the dark. Like his eyes went back. His eyes went black like something was there with us.

When I presented this evidence to Jack Ashcraft weeks later his face just dropped. As a priest, as an exorcist, his face - and this is a guy who has witnessed real exorcisms before - I’ll never forget it - his face just dropped when he heard those two voices. Devil and Diablo. He said, 'You guys need to be very, very careful of what you’re doing because there was probably multiple - multiple demonic entities coming though.' I was blown away. He pleaded, 'Just don’t do it anymore. You guys need to seek help. Go seek help. Zak needs to get help.' I was shaken up from that investigation.

Zak Bagans: We’re still shaken up from it and we’re at a new location right now. This is what we do week after week. It's draining after a while not because of the traveling but because of what we encounter sometimes, the energies. It blows my mind. They drag everything out of you, sometimes... your own soul. You really have to mentally be stable or else you’ll lose it.

Question: If you could take just one investigative tool with you, what would it be?

Zak Bagans: My SB7 spirit box.

Aaron Goodwin: I would take myself just because you can sense certain things when it happens.

Nick Groff: For me it would probably be myself too just because I know what I feel and can sense and everything. But also a digital recorder that way I can hear what the spirits are saying to me.

Question What advice would give to a homeowner that lives on laylines, has a vortex on what was once considered sacred Indian grounds that are having unwanted paranormal activity?

Aaron Goodwin: Sell me the house!

Zak Bagans: Move. If you chose to live in a home that is living on intersecting laylines and to add to that layer of cake, you’re living on an Indian burial ground and you’re having paranormal experiences that are bothersome, you’re not going to get rid of them. They’ve taken ownership of that home and that area. I mean you’re laying on nest. You're not going to erase those energies. Other homes where there’s a problematic spirit or an entity, you can go the route of the problem by trying to get the home cleansed or what not, and helping that spirit move on from there. When you’re living on a geomagnetic location - that the home is actually placed on top of- a geomagnetic intersection of energy on top of this burial ground, it doesn’t matter what you do. I don’t believe that you’ll ever be able to get rid of that. So it’s either you put up with it or you get out.

Question: Aaron, how do you feel about usually being the one that gets assigned to work in the creepiest places?

Aaron Goodwin: It’s the only way I know how. I used to dread it. And I still do. But something in me now just wants to go and see what can happen, because I get scared. I can’t help it. No matter how much you know, when a spirit is in there with you, it spooks you. And it’s good because me getting spooked and all that really fuels like energy.