Read Sideshow’s Prequel Story for Gallevarbe – Death’s Siren: A Murky Redemption

Sideshow Collectibles' Court of the DeadSideshow Collectibles’ “Court of the Dead” Premium Format Figures line has a rich, deep mythology full of intrigue, deception, and war; and Death’s Siren, Gallevarbe, just got her own prequel comic, A Murky Redemption, which you can read right here.

Called by many names among the mythologies of men – mermaid, siren, harpy – Gallevarbe lures her victims with powerful illusions while the sinister truth of their fate is hidden in the murky depths below.

Standing 24” tall with a striking composition and intricate attention to detail, this mesmerizing sculpture is an outstanding addition for dark fantasy or horror collectors.

About Gallevarbe
In life, the entity that would be known as Gallevarbe was an assassin who used seduction as an instrument of execution. Remade by Death as a reaper of souls, Gallevarbe swims the vast oceans of thought and imagination that separate the realms of Heaven and Hell, always hunting for the lost spirits who dared attempt escape the long grasp of her new Master.

In Gallevarbe’s mortal life, she was fiercely loyal to those she swore her allegiance and faith to. This trait continues to holds true now that she has been transformed into the dark siren of the Underworld. Gallevarbe reveres Death for granting her a new existence, and that reverence and faith cannot be easily shaken. And though some in the Court secretly whisper that Gallevarbe’s loyalty is born out of a child-like naiveté, they whisper such things quietly. For it is no secret that Death favors Gallevarbe over many other members of the Court, and it has been proven that the Lord of the Underworld will rise to the defense of his siren.

The Court of the Dead Gallevarbe Premium Format Figure is expected to arrive in May 2015. Visit Sideshow Collectibles for more info.

Gallevarbe - Death's Siren - Sideshow Collectibles Court of the Dead

Gallevarbe - Death's Siren - Sideshow Collectibles Court of the Dead

Gallevarbe Death's Siren

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