Intriguing Kickstarter Project Hozon Drawing Interest

Intriguing Kickstarter Project Hozon Drawing InterestLook, we're never going to tell you how to spend your money. We'll leave that job to your wife and mother-in-law. However, if we see a fundraising project we thing is really worthwhile, we'll give you a look at it. Take a gander at Hozon!

Writer/director/producer Dallas King and producer Gerren Crochet so believe in the concept of Hozon that they created a Hozon Kickstarter campaign that has raised nearly $18,000 already. They've got tons of great rewards, including the chance to be featured as a zombie in the movie with just a $100 donation.

Check out the video below and give the Kickstarter page a look. See if you agree with us that Hozon is worth your consideration. For more visit the official Hozon website, "like" Hozon on Facebook and follow Hozon on Twitter (@HOZON movie)..

Hozon is Resident Evil meets The Last Samurai. After a botched DNA experiment, Hozon, CEO of a Japanese bio-medical company and an expert swordsman must lead his Board of Directors out of a contaminated lab and save his sick daughter's life. Hozon has to battle a new breed of zombies who are brought back to


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