Exclusive Dead Space Update From Executive Producer!

Excluisve Dead Space update!Oh, man have we got something cool for you guys today! We’ve been working with EA Games to help drum up interest in their badass outer space horror game, Dead Space, and today we got our hands on a blog posting from the game’s executive producer, Glen Schofield!

Glen’s worn a number of hats over the years, working for game companies like Capcom and Crystal Dynamics, but now he’s overseeing what just might be the coolest original survival horror game we’ve seen in a long time. But enough from me, here are some of Glen’s thoughts while traveling home from the Sci-Fi London Film Festival…

Somewhere over Iceland…

I’m writing this on a plane back from London where Dead Space was featured at the Sci-fi London Film Festival. It was pretty damn cool. Dead Space was very well represented and we used the event to launch our latest game teaser as well as our first animated feature trailer created by Film Roman. I’m pretty freaking tired though. Besides the jet lag on such a short trip, I also had to intro the game at an all night movie festival that started at midnight, then jump on this plane a few hours later. I did, however, get to see some great new films coming out.
Dead Space has been going very well lately. We’re eating most of our dinners at work nowadays. My desk, keyboard and mouse are covered in salad dressing, mayo, some green gunk, salsa, cheese wiz and many other substances that only CSI could figure out. I could probably eat a whole meal off of what’s between the keys.

Anyway, the progress on the game has been amazing. We’re focus testing like crazy. We did another 80 person one the other day and usually doing a minimum of one a week. We’re getting used to critical feedback and it’s been extremely helpful in making the game better. It adds a lot of extra work and it’s hard to hear the feedback sometimes, but in the end the game is getting better and better. I do love it when they tell us it scared the crap out of them. We’ve been hearing that a lot and these guys are playing in the day with the lights on! It’s exactly what we hoped for.

Dead Space concept art (click to see the whole thing!)At this point we just play the game all the time. Making tons of tweaks – what needs fixing, moving enemies, adjusting lights, sound, effects, setups, everything is getting scrutinized and made better. The levels look so f***ing great with all the new details – the blood, the dirt, posters, dents, scratches, scorch marks, signs, wires, pipes, glass, the devastation – man it’s coming together. But there is still so much to do. All the story is coming in, the scripted events and the video logs. All the acting and performance capture is done, it’s now being put on the characters and finessed by the animators. We’re casting for our ship computer voice – it has to be just right. Listened to so many auditions. We’re getting closer but haven’t locked one in yet.

I feel like I see my Sr. DD more than my wife these days. As a matter of fact me, him, and Bret Robbins (Creative Director) all share a stinky room we call the Mancave. Although it’s a bit gamey in there, it’s really the best way to keep crisp communication. Our pranks on each other are getting worse and worse, but I enjoy seeing who can push the envelope the farthest. It’s usually me but I let Condrey win once in a while to keep me going.

We’re gearing up for the next few months of polishing the game until its perfect or we’ve all died. We’ve gotten a few more magazine covers in Europe and Asia and soon in the US . The buzz is growing, the PR will soon be kicking into high gear and you’ll start to see more glimpses of the game.

Gotta wrap it up, but can’t leave without pimping the comic. I just had the third one put on my sticky keyboard. After I peeled it off and read it, I almost wept. They are really good – world class. Antony ‘s [Johnston] writing and Ben’s [Templesmith] art is fantastic. They’re starting to amp up the terror and violence and I love it.

So check out the new trailers coming out, new screenshots, the dev diaries on the official site, and look for the comics in stores. Also via the Dead Space site forums write to us, ask questions, send comments and stay tuned. The team is dedicated as hell to making a great game for you all!

How’s that for a slice of fried gold? We’ll be bringing you more and more badass Dead Space info as we roll closer to its release date, which stands at October 27th, 2008! Check out the teaser trailer for it below, and then hit the official Dead Space site for loads more!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Blockbuster

    Those monsters look FUCKING COOL AS HELL!!!!!

  • Chainsaw

    I’m not one who likes to support EA, but considering how this game came about, the passion the guys have for it, and just the awesome friggin’ trailer, this is looking like a must-play!