Abandoned Penner Ready to Get Filthy

Filthy!A beautiful older woman drags a pearl necklace across her silky smooth body. She moans and arches her back, deriving pleasure not only from the touch of the cool pearls on her hot flesh, but from the feel of wealth on wealth. Just as you start to wonder if you’re watching a long lost scene from 80’s porn auteur Andrew Blake, a shit encrusted, scabrous hand shoots up and smears a swathe of filth across the pale landscape of rich aging flesh…

And such is the latest fetid vision emanating from the mind of The Abandoned writer Karim Hussain (“>Subconscious Cruelty, “>The Beautiful Beast), and his Mondo Macabro partners Andy Starke and Pete Tombs (“>Hell’s Ground). Filthy tells the story of a wealthy older woman and her indoctrination into a cult of homeless filth fetishists who like to (literally) fuck the shit of the rich.

Now that’s a one-line plot synopsis you want to tell your friends about! It remains to be seen how Hussain plans to turn this high concept coprophilia into a movie, but early indications are that it’s not going to go the obvious route. Equal doses of humor and horror seem to be co-mingling, even at this early stage.

Dread Central was on the set of the teaser trailer for Filthy. We got covered in simulated crap and semen, and we’re going to bring you all the details in our detailed set report, coming soon!

Evil Andy

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Johnny Butane

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  • Caterpillar

    Maybe he should just adapt Charlee Jacob’s DREAD IN THE BEST instead.

  • Johnny Butane

    Rest assured; this will be NOTHING like The Abandoned … not that it’ll be bad, but it’s a VERY different kind o’ film. Just wait till you read our set report tomorrow!

  • Chainsaw

    Coming soon to Blockbuster!


  • Cash Bailey

    THE ABANDONED was superb. It’s like the movie SILENT HILL should have been.