Hell Returns to Earth for Doom 4

Hey, we know Doom 4 will look better than this!If there’s one horror gaming series that doesn’t need any introduction, it’s Doom. Despite there being a pretty clear consensus on the shortfalls of id Software’s “>Doom 3 (review), a retelling of the original Doom, there’s little news that could possibly fill me with as much optimism and as many chills as the announcement this afternoon on Shack News that id Software is working on Doom 4.

Right now that’s almost all we know, other than the fact that CEO Todd Hollenshead is saying that they’re bringing the franchise to Earth… a very strong indication that Doom 4 will follow on from Doom 3 and be a retelling of Doom 2.

This being id Software, we can expect incredible graphics … but will we see a return of the still replayable Doom and Doom 2 gameplay, or a repeat of the slower more mundane Doom 3 gameplay?

They proved with Doom 3 that they can do graphics and atmosphere like no one else, but here’s hoping they heard the combined criticisms of most everyone that played Doom 3 so that Doom 4 will be a landmark game, rather than a fun but flawed graphical showpiece.

No idea yet when the game will be coming out, and keeping in mind how long Doom 3 took, we’re almost certainly talking years. You can bet on a PC release and, given id’s current direction, whatever powerful consoles are around when the game is done. That’ll probably be PS3 and 360, but who can really say at this point?


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  • Kryten Syxx

    This time space marines better have flashlights built into their weapons or armor.