Goblin Sharks Attack Malibu

Goblin Shark!I think it was a few years ago I was engaged in a conversation on another message board talking about what sort of animals have yet to be used in a nature gone amok movie that should be given the killer animal treatment. Someone in the thread suggested the goblin shark. Most people probably don’t even know the goblin shark is a real animal, a rarely seen deep sea shark with an oddly shaped head boasting a larger than average snout. As you can see from the accompanying photo of the real thing, the goblin shark is a ghastly looking sucker. And aside from Gamera’s old foe Zigra, the design of that giant space shark monster clearly inspired by the look of the goblin shark, there’s never to my knowledge been a movie involving goblin sharks.

Late last year I reported on a movie in production Down Under entitled Malibu Shark. Producer Dale Bradley provided Fangoria an update the other day on the film now known as Goblin Shark Attack (though that might change yet again) starring Peta Wilson (star of the TV version of “La Femme Nikita”), Warren Christie (“October Road”), and Chelan Simmons (Final Destination 3) and directed by David Lister, who previously helmed Blood of Beasts, a DTV Viking-themed Beauty & the Beast retelling starring Jane March from a few years back.

An underwater earthquake will unleash several larger-than-average goblin sharks from a big underground cavern. The quake causes a tsunami that swamps scenic Malibu, California. The goblin sharks also get washed into the flooded town and begin terrorizing already traumatized and trapped citizens, including the central characters – all lifeguards – in their flooded building basements, car parks, and so forth.

Bradley promises plenty of blood-soaked mayhem, including what sounds like a truly over the top finale set at a flooded construction site. Quoting Bradley, “The survivors attack the sharks with chainsaws and concrete cutters because it’s a construction site. We got real dead sharks for those shots, but their skin is like steel. It was really hard to get a chainsaw to go through the skin of those sharks for close-ups.”

Goblin Shark Attack is stacking up to be quite the killer animal flick. Let’s try not to hold it against them that the film’s backers include the Sci-Fi Channel. This sounds like it has loads of potential. Expect more details when available.

The Foywonder

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