Gorify’s Complete Zombie Makeup Kit Review

Gorify’s Complete Zombie Makeup Kit (click to see it bigger!)This past week a box arrived at our door from a company called Gorify. The company has a line of affordable horror-geared makeup products, and we jumped all over the opportunity to turn someone into a member of the walking dead.

The Complete Zombie Makeup Kit currently runs at under $40, which at first made us wonder what all could possibly come with it. Think about it for a minute; each Halloween there are plenty of kits out there with high price tags and questionable quality. So, would this be any different?

Gorify managed to impress with not only with the amount of tools, paints and latex provided with this kit but also the professional quality, which was unexpected. Each CZMK is bagged (as you see on the right) and contains the following:

  • 1.5 oz. Modeling Wax,
  • 2 fl. oz. Natural Death Latex
  • 2 fl. oz. Zombie Color Latex
  • .5 oz. Zombie Blood
  • .25 oz. Zombie Pus
  • .25 oz. Zombie Rot
  • .25 oz. Grave Dirt
  • .25 fl. oz. Mouth Blood
  • Black Cream Color
  • Damage Cream Color
  • Death Cream Color
  • Zombie Cream Color
  • White Cream Color

    Gorify’s Complete Zombie Makeup Kit (click to see it bigger!)Our kit had the green Zombie Color Latex already provided, but a variety is available. Each bottle is clearly labeled, tightly sealed and ready to be used. The only preparation on the user’s part is to have a clean face and an old t-shirt handy.

    Originally we had intended to have a make-up artist do an application for this review, but it seemed that this would not benefit the average Joes and Janes out there who may not have such a person handy if they want to get gored up for Halloween or a convention. Instead, I (Syxx) decided to try it out for myself to make sure that even the most inexperienced person can make a gross zombie with Gorify’s products. Seeing as how there are enough products in the bag to make three zombies, one experiment wouldn’t waste anything.

    The instructions for a basic zombie can be downloaded right from Gorify’s website. Intermediate and advanced instructions will be available at a future time dealing with impaling objects on the skin and creating more detailed wounds. But for now the simplest is the best to start with.

    The bite is the best way to accustom yourself with how to use the modeling wax, paints and latex. Everything you need for this is already in the kit. Just apply the spirit gum, flatten some wax onto that area and bite down. The rest is just coloring in the area via the step-by-step manual.

    In no time at all, a realistic zombie bite can be created on the top of one’s hand. My wound was so gross that MySpace actually deleted these pics! Tom is no fan of horror!!!

    The zombie blood is truly a disgusting bit of makeup. It’s a bit like rotten A-1 sauce and gives the wounds/holes a truly infected feeling. The damage cream helps to highlight areas that should appear bruised and give veins an infected look.

    Now for the hard part.

    Gorify’s Complete Zombie Makeup Kit (click to see it bigger!)Applying facial effects can be a tough job, but the guide Gorify has available makes it a snap. With proper ventilation and a fan, working the wax and latex over the face never becomes an issue. The only trouble is coming up with ideas of how to make your zombie look nasty. Even as a one-person effort, creating scratch marks and large open wounds is just a matter of patience.

    The only issue I had here was the color of the zombie latex. This is just a personal qualm because green zombies were never my bag, but as stated before, there are many other colors to choose from.

    Once the latex and sealant is applied to your wax, it’s time to paint. Here you can get into the real fun stuff such as zombie puss and rot. Globbing this stuff around exposed flesh areas helps to cover up missed spots but also creates a barrier between the staining latex and your hair.

    Unfortunately, my lasiked up eyes are pretty sensitive now to certain chemicals, so I could not apply the latex as liberally as I would have liked. However, this is what the puss, rot, blood and paint are for. In any case, the kit allowed me to make a pretty disgusting looking fiend with only mild effort put in.

    Gorify’s zombie makeup kit is all aces in my book. The price, quality and ease to use should be very attractive to anyone looking to bring zombies to life for stage productions, indie films and around Samhain. For people who just wanna be reanimated corpses, it’s the best damn zombie makeup kit out there!

    Gorify’s Complete Zombie Makeup Kit (click to see it bigger!)Gorify’s Complete Zombie Makeup Kit (click to see it bigger!)Gorify’s Complete Zombie Makeup Kit (click to see it bigger!)

    Gorify’s Complete Zombie Makeup Kit (click to see it bigger!)Gorify’s Complete Zombie Makeup Kit (click to see it bigger!)Gorify’s Complete Zombie Makeup Kit (click to see it bigger!)

    Gorify’s Complete Zombie Makeup Kit (click to see it bigger!)Gorify’s Complete Zombie Makeup Kit (click to see it bigger!)Gorify’s Complete Zombie Makeup Kit (click to see it bigger!)


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