More Casting, Details for The Descent 2

The Descent sequel fills out castIt’s not a lot more information, but I have to admit I’m fascinated by the idea of a sequel for The Descent, especially when there’s absolutely no need to have one.
We updated you a few days ago with the word that both Shauna McDonald and Natalie Mendoza would be returning to the underground caves, and this morning The Hollywood Reporter confirmed those additions along with Gavan O’Herlihy (Death Wish 3), Joshua Dallas (80 Minutes), Anna Skellern, Douglas Hodge (Vanity Fair) and Krysten Cummings. We’ve also learned that Axelle Carolyn (Doomsday, “I Love You”) has nabbed a small role in the sequel as well!

The sequel will find Sarah (MacDonald) fighting her way back into the cave system she lived through in the first film in a bid to rescue those who remained. Funny, though; I thought it was pretty damn clear no one survived those caves. Obviously this means their jumping-off point is the “American” ending, which only showed Sarah get out of the cave system, and not that it was all in her head.

The Descent 2 will be the feature directing debut of Descent editor Jon Harris, working from a script by My Little Eye writer James Watkins. Cameras will be rolling soon with a six-week London shoot scheduled. We will, of course, feed you more as soon as we hear it!

Johnny Butane

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  • thedudeabides

    No way a woman would shut her mouth.


  • Spaceshark

    I know how she survived!

    She stood still and shut her mouth.

  • Spaceshark

    Considering Sarah’s a loon, the whole “she survived” thing could just be her guilty conscience playing with her brain again.

    Hell, the whole sequel could just end with the first movie’s original ending.

  • PelusaMG

    “I still see no WAY that Juno could have possibly survived”

    Reading this comment I recall that infamous episode of Dallas where Patrick Duffy walks out of the shower, to find that Pamela Ewing had dreamt the entire previous season of shows…

  • Rorschach

    I still see no WAY that Juno could have possibly survived. She’d been beaten, shanked in the knee, and SURROUNDED by cave-critters intent on devouring her. I don’t buy for one SECOND that these vicious creatures would simply back off and let her live. The only explanation that works (and even IT is stupid) is that they took her for a new Queen, having been impressed with her screams and her savagery.

    BLEH. A sequel here is neither needed, nor wanted.

  • Spaceshark

    Well yeah, but then it’d be kind of confusing to people who only watched the American ending, wouldn’t it?

    Unless they release The Descent 1.5 where she finds a Tommy Gun in the caves and blasts her way out.

  • gabrielenriquez

    They didnt choose the american ending.

    We never saw Sarah getting killed by the monsters or dying in the caves,
    the dream sequence its still a dream.

    She is just escaping ”again”, only this time is for real…

  • PelusaMG

    This is going to be blah, blah, blah… :-(

  • The Butcher

    Well I fucking loved MY LITTLE EYE, and seeing as editor Jon Harris is taking the directorial reins I am hopeful. Art? Probably not. A fun ride? Quite possibly.

  • Tsotha-lanti

    The only way I can see this work if it elaborates on the suggestions that everything after Sarah was placed into the hospital happened inside her head.

    Otherwise… prepare for the “Highlander 2: The Quickening” of horror.

  • thedudeabides

    I watched Dallas at that point, and I can tell you, I was pleasantly shocked and pissed off.

Johnny Butane