Obsession Gets Deadly in Be My Cat: A Film For Anne

Well now. This is odd. A new found footage movie is looking to make a bit of a splash on the indie scene detailing one man’s crazed obsession with Anne Hathaway. Are you ready for Be My Cat: A Film for Anne?

Executive produced by John Lepper and Alex Short, and written, produced, directed by, and starring Adrian Tofei, Be My Cat: A Movie for Anne co-stars Sonia Teodoriu, Florentina Hariton, and Alexandra Stroe.

All of the professionally trained actors in this film used a very rigorous and challenging form of method acting where they were constantly in character and improvised many scenes, using only a set of waypoint, plot points they had to hit, to guide them,” says Lepper. “In total, 25 hours of footage was shot, and this was edited down to the almost 2-hour long film.”

For more info visit the official Be My Cat: A Film for Anne Facebook page.

A young man from Romania becomes obsessed with making a movie with actress Anne Hathaway after seeing her in The Dark Knight Rises. He tricks three Romanian actresses into thinking that he is a film director and shoots scenes from the movie that he wants to make with Anne in order to send them to her as proof of his filmmaking and acting skills, to convince her to come to Romania and play in his movie. The actresses are unaware of his goal towards Anne and think that they are making a genuine film. He records not only those scenes, but also the whole process of working with the actresses and his personal messages to Anne, going to shocking extremes in order to convince her that they are meant to change the world together. He is also playing the leading role in his scenes – the role of a guy obsessed with a fictional actress played by the real actresses – and the line between reality and fiction starts to blur, with both devastating consequences and unexpected revelations.

Be My Cat: A Movie For Anne

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