Exclusive: Robert Hall Talks Laid to Rest

Laid to RestJust last week we gave you the first word on the directorial return of Lightning Bug (review) helmer and Almost Human effects head Robert Hall, the slasher movie Laid to Rest. The film came out of nowhere, it seemed. Very little was revealed other than that it was a simple story of a girl escaping a lunatic and that “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” star Lena Headey appears in it. So we asked some questions.

”It started off as a simple story,” Hall told us via telephony device today. ”I wanted something that was easily relatable to everyone, not something you had to think too hard to figure out; it is what it is. I had a big problem with all the torture porn movies, horror movies filled with people you didn’t care about, so I wanted to write something that was a simple concept with characters you actually wanted to see make it through so when they’re in trouble, you feel for them.”

He says that Laid to Rest will be unique because of its execution, not its premise, which is what he hopes will set it apart from other similarly themed slashers. ”For one thing, our main heroine is fucked up pretty bad for most of the movie. She wakes up in a coffin with no memory and has to figure out where she is and how to get out, while dealing with the fact that there’s a psychopath in a mask who wants her dead.”

Said mask is something else that Hall hopes will separate Laid to Rest from other stalk-n-slash films. ”I worked on the costume for months in my shop, and I’m really happy with the way it came out.” So what is this killer’s motivation? ”He’s seen all the same movies we have, he’s got money, and he wants to be like one of these killers. There’s nothing supernatural about him; he’s just an evil guy with a strange fixation.” Nick Principe, who plays the film’s killer, was an inspired choice for the role, too. ”He told me he came out to L.A. to be Michael Myers!” Hall exclaimed.

Before Laid to Rest, last I had heard Hall was working on another horror film called Old Scratch, so this was even more of a surprise when it came to light. ”Old Scratch is still happening; we’re just not sure when yet,” he explained. ”I need a lot more money to get that done than I did with Laid to Rest, so it had to be put on the back burner for now. Could be that’s the next project I direct; we’ll just have to see where this goes first.”

And if all goes well expect to see Rest’s killer returning, ”There’s no way he could not come back,” Robert enthused, ”All the cast and crew were sad to see him go, and we hope the audience will feel the same!”

Keep it here for more Laid to Rest details as they come in! The film is in post-production now, and the hope is to have it out by the end of the year.

Johnny Butane

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