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Godzilla Raids Again on DVD (click to see it bigger!)You thought Classic Media had blown its load with the amazing release of Gojira (review) earlier this year and would just have a smoke and promise to call you? How wrong you were; these guys are planning to love you long time.

Beginning November 7th, 2006, two brand-new Godzilla movies will be available only through Classic Media’s official site. A retail release will follow, but not until spring of 2007, so if you want real, serious Godzilla films for your DVD collection, you’d better pay attention!

Godzilla Raids Again on DVD (click to see it bigger!)The two titles in question are Godzilla Raids Again, the sequel that was produced a mere six months after the success of the original film and feaured the first appearance of Angurius, and Godzilla Vs. Mothra. Originally released in Japan as Godzilla Vs. The Thing, the fourth film in the series features the first appearance by everyone’s favorite creepy twin fairies and the giant moth whose egg they’re on Earth to protect.

Godzilla Raids Again will only feature a special about the making of the suit, while Godzilla Vs. Mothra will have audio commentary, a biography of Akira Ifukube, a poster slide show, and more! Remember, you can only get these DVDs via Classic Media’s site as of November 7th, and they won’t be anywhere near stores until spring, so now’s the time!

Johnny Butane

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