B-Sides: Thrashin’

B-Sides: Thrashin'One could probably describe Thrashin’ as The Karate Kid with a skateboard. One could also probably describe Meat Loaf’s title song as less of an actual song and more of a challenge to see how many times one can say “thrashin’” in three minutes.

Before Josh Brolin became a major Hollywood player starring in Academy Award-winning films like No Country for Old Men and box office bombs like Jonah Hex, he was a fledgling young actor just getting his feet wet in Hollywood.

After co-starring in The Goonies, he graduated to his first leading role in a tale of rivalry, romance, and skateboarding. The movie was called Thrashin’. It would not be the role that propelled Brolin to stardom seeing as how he spent the next few years relegated to TV guest-starring on “Highway to Heaven” and “21 Jump Street” and starring in several short-lived programs.

With all due respect to Mr. Meat Loaf A Day, if I was putting together the soundtrack to a mid-Eighties skateboarding movie entitled Thrashin’, he is not a musician I would have chosen to perform for the soundtrack, let alone the title track. I think I might have gone with a musical act whose sound could be described as, oh, I don’t know - thrashin’.

Time to play count the number of times someone can say “thrashin’” in a single song. The only prize is being able to say you listened all the way to the end.

B-Sides: Thrashin'

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