The Top 9 Unorthodox Weapons in Horror

The Top 9 Unorthodox Weapons in HorrorThe new horror film You're Next is anything but traditional. So to celebrate the release of this new diabolical nightmare, we've decided to bring you a list that is anything but traditional itself. Take a gander at the Top 9 Most Unorthodox Weapons in Horror!

Sure, the horror purists love their butcher knives and machetes, but there is so much more out there. And these nine films managed to work in some really creative kills. Some honorable mentions need to be recognized, such as the cotton candy gun from Killer Klowns from Outer Space and the cricket bat used to dispense zombies in Shaun of the Dead. Also, the garbage disposal used to unhand William Devane in Rolling Thunder was a unique choice indeed, and we must tip our caps to the Saw franchise for using blades, barbed wire and butcher knives in tons of new and exciting ways.

The Top 9 Unorthodox Weapons in Horror

Freddy's Razor Glove - A Nightmare on Elm Street
Knives for fingers. That's one of the first things we learn about Freddy Krueger, that the legend says he has knives for fingers. Of course it's actually a glove, and perhaps the most famous glove since Michael Jackson moonwalked his way into America's heart decades ago. But Freddy's glove wasn't always such an iconic image. In fact, it was quite unique when we first laid eyes on it 30 years ago. Crudely handmade, the glove represented Krueger's aggression, power and viciousness. We've all gotten the opportunity to try one on at some point, and it's hard not to love the feeling of wearing that glove. It is definitely invigorating. One of the finest and most creative weapons we've ever seen, Freddy's glove is indeed a classic!

Christmas Light Electric Chair - Silent Night
One horror film that seemed to slip through the cracks was the 2012 Christmas-themed movie Silent Night, starring Malcolm McDowell and Jaime King. This little slice of yuletide nastiness was a real treat, including such things as Santa going apeshit with a flamethrower and using a cattle prod on one particularly naughty little girl. But easily the most creative kill in Silent Night comes right off the bat when "Santa" creates an electric chair out of Christmas lights and fries a victim at the beginning of the film. Now that's how to get the ball rolling. If you look carefully, you can see the poor bastard ride the Christmas lightning in the trailer below. Ho, ho, ho!

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Ok, you got Lionel's lawnmower in there so I approve this message. Good job.

One little nitpick, though. Since when is the 90's considered "old school"?

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