Dreadtime Stories: Nate Kenyon’s Bloodstone Excerpt!

Nate Kenyon’s debut novel, Bloodstone, finally hits mass market paperback this May thanks to the folks at Leisure Books. This marks something of a milestone for the East Coast author, since it will be the second time his book has seen publication since its inception many years ago.
This is something of a fluke for the author, but one I’m sure most other writers wouldn’t frown upon. Impressed as I was with the debut (review is coming soon), I approached Kenyon to do a Dreadtime Story to help spread the word and build hype, never a bad thing for a young wordslinger!

Kenyon chose to read a rather ghastly excerpt from Bloodstone for his DS, and personally I couldn’t be happier with it! Hopefully you guys’ll dig it, too, and pick up Bloodstone from Evilshop!

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