Victor Crowley's Most Gruesome Kills - The Best and the Bloodiest!

Marybeth and Amanda Go Head to Head (Hatchet III)
Here we have another example of Victor Crowley going up against a legendary name in horror. This time it’s Caroline Williams (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), who plays Amanda Fowler, a Victor Crowley expert who shows up on the scene to help Marybeth put an end to all the madness. As would be expected, when Crowley finally gets his hands on Amanda, things don’t go her way. With one hand, Victor begins to pull on her head until it pops right off her body like a dandelion. And then, in a truly surreal and comical moment, Crowley throws the head of Amanda at Marybeth (played, of course, by Danielle Harris) and hits her square in the knot with it. So to sum up, in one scene Victor Crowley completely rips the head off of one beloved horror hottie and beans another with it. Only from the mind of Adam Green! Huzzah!

Victor Crowley's Most Gruesome Kills - The Best and the Bloodiest!

Jack Cracker Gets Choked Up (Hatchet II)
No good slasher film that takes place in the woods is complete without a half-crazy townie babbling on about the dangers of one local legend or another. And the Hatchet series is no different. In this story the local nutjob is Jack Cracker (played by long-time horror filmmaker John Carl Buechler). By accidentally helping Marybeth, Jack makes himself a target of Victor Crowley. And Victor disposes of him in a ridiculously gory fashion. Crowley removes Jack Cracker's intestines, and if that's not enough, he strangles the poor fella with them until decapitation occurs. Wow!

Victor Crowley's Most Gruesome Kills - The Best and the Bloodiest!

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Fun stuff.
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Fun stuff.

Submitted by MonsterMash on Thu, 08/15/2013 - 1:37pm.
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Just watched part 3 and wow the kills delivered my GF sat down while the deputy kill was going down and she had to leave and said something must be wrong with me if I liked that I agree , guess i'm a little twisted! overall some of the best kills in slasher genre and that's the money shot for these films.

Submitted by GODFLESH69 on Thu, 08/15/2013 - 12:15pm.

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