New It’s Alive! Trailer

It looks way more polished than I would have thought, but then with names like Bijou Phillips attached, I guess low-budget slaughter isn’t really on the plate. Below you can see the Cannes promo trailer for the remake of It’s Alive!, in which Phillips stars as a new mother whose infant has a pesky habit of killing when it’s scared.
I know that feeling, lemme tell you. Thanks to B-D for getting the word out!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Enraged_Otter

    Take Foys concept and let’s make the mutant baby have Uwe Boll’s face. now that would make it a classic.

  • Terminal

    Might end up being better, heh.

  • Foywonder

    They should jump on the Blair Witch/Cloverfield/Diary of the Dead bandwagon and shoot the whole thing from the point-of-view of the expectant father recording the live birth and then chasing his mutant killer baby around the hospital for 90-minutes.

  • thedudeabides

    What do you mean Barque’s has bite?

  • Ultimo Franco

    If the producers are smart they’ll create a bunch of meaningless websites and call it viral marketing. Then all everyone will love it.

  • Messiahman

    Wow, so it’s just like the original, except for the fact that it has much shittier actors and lacks the subversive glee present in Cohen’s masterful slice of seventies paranoia.

    This time around, instead of the great John P. Ryan and Sharon Farrell, we the star of bad British TV and Bijou Phillips. All brought to us by the director of THE 13th FLOOR.

    I’ll bet they don’t even have the balls to go with the potent original ending.

    Fuck that.

  • PelusaMG

    Someone pulled the trailer before I got a lookie-lookie… 🙁

  • Terminal

    Yep, and the “Psycho” remake was an interesting take on the original, it doesn’t mean it was good.

    Good try, though.

    Have a beer, chillax.

  • Ultimo Franco

    I love the way it’s gone from “an interesting twist on the plot” to “pure crap” in less than nine hours.

  • Terminal

    I agree, Cash.

    And this just looks like pure crap. And being dependent on Phillips to keep it afloat is painful. She’s a terrible actress.

  • Cash Bailey

    Buck’s SISTERS is a TV movie version of De Palma’s deranged early film.

    It’s flat, boring and poorly acted. A complete waste of time and talent.

  • Ultimo Franco

    Sirand, I thought SISTERS was absolutely fascinating. It’s a total mindfuck, even more so if you’re a huge fan of the twisted original, which I am. Buck’s SISTERS is a terrifically cold, intellectual, and gory horror movie, the kind Cronenberg used to make during the Canadian tax shelter days. It’s also a deeply psychological look at sisterhood and the unique bonds that can develop between women. It’s got a pitch black sense of humor as well, much like the playful original. I love the cast in the remake. Such interesting choices, all of them. Chloe is excellent. She brings all her quirky internal emotional energy to the role. I found everyone terrific in the film. Plus, it contains the kind of sudden, jarring, unexpected violence that made Doug Buck’s shorts so visually shattering. Good stuff. A fine little egghead horror movie for snobs like me. Franco’s highest praise!

    As for IT’S ALIVE, I had no interest in the remake until this out-of-nowhere trainer. Wow! I love it when something unexpected like this just pops up on the radar. It looks like it combines creature horror with psychological horror, with a shit load of gore thrown in for good measure. That’s a highly cool combo in my book. Now I can’t fucking wait to see it.

    Personally, I feel like I see more creature-features that aim for little more than “entertainment value” than I do creature-features that aim for something a bit more nuanced. Not to mention that my favorite films tend to be the ones that combine BOTH elements.

  • Blockbuster

    Satire’s all well and good…but I agree with TDA: Whatever happened to just ENTERTAINMENT value?

  • Sirand

    Odd, cause I’ve heard the Sisters remake is absolutely abysmal from virtually everyone.

    Liked EO said, I would prefer some clever satire rather than some uber-serious movie about a killer baby.

  • Ultimo Franco

    I love the look of this trailer. Changing the old story to something more interesting like this is a great idea. It looks creepy as hell. Color me totally surprised. I never would have suspected this is the direction they’d take with such silly material. Bravo to whoever decided to go this route. Next to Douglas Buck’s fascinating revamp of DePalma’s SISTERS, this looks to be another genuinely clever remake. Nice trailer!

  • thedudeabides

    Whatever happened to just making creature features for entertainment value?

  • Terminal

    It’s an interesting twist on the plot, but the fact that they’re relying on Bijou Phillips to carry the movie automatically inspires me to ignore this and move on. She’s an awful actress. With a better cast, this COULD have been okay.

    I love Enraged Otter’s idea.

  • Sirand

    Larry Cohen is out of his mind. In a BAD way.

  • Enraged_Otter

    So much wasted potential for social commentary here. This could have easily woven a story on the after effects on future generations due to an over medicated America as well as pro-life Vs. abortion issues. This could have been both a very frightening tale of killer mutant babies and very culturally relevant. From that trailer I guess we get neither.

  • The Butcher

    Personally I think it looks pretty fucking awesome. I am very surprised. And it’s in line with the more “rational world” remakes like THE FLY which I am all for.
    I bet the baby doesn’t slowly mutate but “turns” and becomes some kind of horrifying creature when scared. Like a cat putting out it’s claws or whatever.
    And yep, it looks pretty frickin’ polished like Johhny said.

  • thedudeabides

    The whole point of the original was for monster, mutant babies… I don’t know if I like the mother-covering-up paranoia angle in this one.

    I suppose the baby will slowly mutate…?

  • Cash Bailey

    I reckon they must have paid her in cocaine to be in this.