Splatterhouse? SPLATTERHOUSE!

Splatterhouse Returns!Before Resident Evil … before Alone in the Dark … before, hell, Ghouls’ N Ghosts and well just about everything… there was Splatterhouse.

Without doubt one of the trailblazers of the horror gaming genre and the first video game ever to get a parental advisory warning, Splatterhouse was one of gamings first forays into over the top gore and brutal violence. Inspired by all manner of horror movies, Splatterhouse had you playing as university student Rick when he and his girlfriend visit the house of one Dr. West for their school project.

Inside Rick and Jennifer are attacked. With Jennifer kidnapped and Rick left for dead, a strange hockey mask attaches itself to Rick giving him all the strengths of a slasher movie killer. With his new found strength, Rick set off to rescue Jennifer.

I mean, that’s what the story in the manual said was going on anyway. If you played it in the arcades like I did, you didn’t know any of that. You were just this Jason Vorheese looking guy cutting up weird ass monsters.

The series was made by Namco, and the last time we saw Rick was in Splatterhouse 3 over fifteen years ago. Until now. As reported by their website, 1up, next months issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly has a Splatterhouse cover, and world exclusive first details on the next entry in the Splatterhouse series.

Very exciting stuff for anyone who was around in 1989 to play it in the arcades … we’ll have more information as soon as we can get it to you.


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  • Justin Warren

    YES!!! I’m a HUGE Splatterhouse fan, this is honestly the coolest video game news I’ve personally heard in a while. I own the original Splatterhouse for TG-16, the Genesis sequels, and an import of the Famicom Splatterhouse Wanpaku Grafitti. Hell, I even own a damn-good fan-made RPG based on it. This is kickass news……let’s hope it gets a Wii release, since that’s all I own. I’d LOVE to swing my wiimote to chop off a zombie’s head!

  • Blockbuster

    I remember Jennifer being swallowed down this huge grotesque monster mouth screaming “HELP ME RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!”

    Damn that was awesome stuff.