Exclusive: Hatchet Live Commentary Track from London!

Last summer Alan Jones and Adam Green conducted a commentary for the film Hatchet before a live audience of horror fans in London as part of the 2007 Fright Fest. The commentary was supposed to be included in the UK DVD release, but for whatever reason the track never made it to the DVD. That’s OK, though, as we’re about to fix that!

Dread Central, in conjunction with The Works UK Distribution, is proud to offer you an MP3 of the Hatchet (review here) commentary for you to download and listen to — FOR FREE!

For YouTube clips of the entire commentary, check out Adam Green’s MySpace Blog!

Just click below for a really unique way to wade through the blood-soaked swamps!

Many, MANY thanks to Ailsa Scott for making this happen! Don’t forget to vote for us on Podcast Alley!

Hatchet Live Commentary Track from London

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