Move Over Killdozer, Here Comes Crawler!

The new Killdozer!“>Killdozer (review) is one of those kitschy B-movie titles that always gets thrown around as a punchline even though most have never seen. I’ll happily throw out the title and laugh about it even though I personally found that rare 1970’s TV movie doesn’t really live up to its gimmicky title or its camp classic reputation. I have been saying for years that it’s a movie ready and waiting to be updated. Now comes word of Crawler, a brand new movie about killer bulldozer that comes to life and leaves everyone a wake of carnage and destruction in its tracks.

A chap named Avery tipped me off to word of a very Killdozer-esque flick in the works called Crawler that’s also about a killer bulldozer that comes to life and terrorizes a construction crew. The biggest differences between Killdozer and Crawler from what I can make out thus far is that Crawler doesn’t take place on an island and it’s possessed by a supernatural evil instead of an alien intelligence. Six of one, half dozen of another; Crawler is Killdozer for the 21st century as far as I’m concerned.

The official site for producer-director Sv Bell’s construction equipment gone amok flick simply describes the plot as “a group of construction workers fight for their lives as their 50 tons bulldozer appears to have a life of its own, and an insatiable hate for the living.” Works for me. There’s even a short teaser trailer hyping the film currently slated for October 2008.

Footnote: the name of one of the film’s two screenwriters is Robbie Ribspreader. And here I thought the first name “Sv” sounded odd.

The Foywonder

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  • Foywonder

    They already remade Maximum Overdrive. USA Network did it years ago. It was called Trucks. Starred Timothy Busfield.

  • Blockbuster

    WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOAWHOA!!! Stop that. Stop that right now. DO NOT TOUCH MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE. Bite your tongue.

  • Avery

    This one’s gonna be a blast!!We had ‘Blood Car’ and now ‘Hybrid’ and ‘Crawler’.Do I sense a revival of a certain sub-genre of horror??Next they’ll be remaking ‘Christine’ and ‘Maximum Overdrive’!!